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liked by harrystyles, niallhoran, and 2,003,287 others

arianastyles I'm so happy to have brought home my little Elizabeth Marie, she's so cute, and is soooo spoiled. @harrystyles

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harrystyles my little baby! 💕

niallhoran bc im her fav uncle! 😂❤️

okayharry she's so cute!! I wanna hold her!😭

niall_littlethings 😭💕

louist91 only Bc she has the BEST UNCLE LOUIS around! 😁

jadewill she's so cute, I'm going to cry 😭

arianastylesfan I wanna squish her cheeks!!💕

harryxari 😭Elizabeth is sooo cute, I just wanna cuddle with her. ❤️

zayn Imma have to come see her!

madalyndawson I'm going tomorrow, come with! @zayn

gemmastyles I'm her fav aunt, no doubt. 💕

annetwist only because she has the best grandma!

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