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arianamitchel has fun todayyyy 💕 y'all.

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jadewill :)))))

kyliewill had soooo much funnn :)

_justhoran_ I just love Ari 💕

17blackx 💕💕

Okay so I just wanted to say that I have never gotten a book of mine to 89K reads in a short amount of time. My other account I had has 10k reads on it but that took forever to even get and it's only 15 chapters. But I haven't been saying how much I appreciate you guys who comment, vote, and read this book. I'm so happy when I update and after a minute there's always someone who votes on it. I'm also #72 in fanfiction and I'm SHOOKIN Bc I've never been # anything in any category. I think I may cry if this book get to even half a million. I never thought of me, myself, getting this far in writing a little book about two amazing ppl that I ship together. I have also been asked twice this past week about having my book translated to Italian and some other language I forgot that I didn't know about. But anyways thank you so much reading this book. I love you all! 💕💕

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