The Weasleys

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Aurora apparated into the Burrow and said "Thanks for asking if I could come over. I was a little scared at how many people were their. Plus I miss the boys, it's been awhile."

Mrs.Weasley smiled down at Aurora thinking 'how could her parents neglected her.' She often thought about it but could never come up with a answer. Just then they entered the house. Bill saw them first and shot like a bullet at Aurora. He latched on to her the second she was in reach, he burring his face in her hair and just held her. Charlie who had just come around the corner too shot like a bullet into her arms. They both held Aurora tight while bill also made sure the cuts were healed up.

Charlie often thought of Aurora like a little sister and was terrified when he heard she might be hurt. Bill didn't know how he thought of her, just that he didn't like to be with out her. Aurora just hugged the two over protective boys with all she had.

She thought of Charlie like a big brother and loved that he was so protective of her. As it was so rare to see it from anyone from her blood family, minus Harry as he couldn't be protective yet. She didn't know how she felt about Bill. But again loved how protective he was of her, and how tight he held on to her when he thought she was hurt or scared. But when she was hurt or scared bill went into full protection mode not liking her to move to much if she was hurt, and if she was scared he didn't like her to move out of his arms not that she minded that one bit.

None of them spoke for a minute; the boys relishing in the fact she was ok; and her just enjoying being with the boys again. Aurora spoke first "Well boys I must say that was the best welcome I've had so far. But it's not to different from the rest, just more ... What's the word oh yeah impacted."

They all laughed and pulled away from each other. But both boys looked over her to see if she had anymore cuts or glass on her skin. Once they were positive she was ok, they all went over to the couch. The boys put Aurora in the middle so if they fell asleep she would have one of them to hold her up. They stayed talking till breakfast when Molly called them to the kitchen to set the table.

Because they were all good with kids they had to wake the little ones. Bill said "I will get the twins, Charlie you get Percy, and Aurora that leaves you Ginny be careful she's only a few months old. And mom said Ron was sick and to leave him for a little bit longer. " Then they headed their separate ways.

The boys got the kids up no problem, but Ginny seemed determined to stay asleep so Aurora gave up and just cradled Ginny to her chest and went back down stairs. Percy and the twins jumped up to hug her the second they saw her. But she simply held her hand I front of her and said "Let me put your sister down first!" She walked over to Molly and handed Ginny to her then turned to the boys. She sighed and said "ok" the twins tackled her and latched onto her arms, while Percy jumped up and put himself on her hip.

While it was how they always greeted her but she could never not laugh. After a minute the twins got off but Percy as always stayed on her hip. You could never see Percy on anyone's hip anymore now that he was 5 and trying to be independent . But Aurora didn't seem to count to him. She was the only one left he felt comfortable enough with to go on her hip all the time, not that he would get off until he was told. Ya let's say he didn't like being separated from his 'big sister.' Ever. She walked over to her place at the table next to Charlie and put Percy down in the seat next to her. She knew he would go on her lap once she finished her food. But she didn't care, she never did. The twins sat across from her and pouted, it seems like they wanted to go next to her this time but she always had Charlie on one side and Bill not far away it helped her feel like she was truly welcome.

The second her plate was clear Percy was on her lap just like she knew he would be. The twins moved to sit in Percy's vacant seat, but Bill moved over to it and sat their. They pouted but knew it wouldn't last long. Bill and Charlie pushed their seats back and they climbed on to their laps to be closer to Aurora. Molly smiled at the scene she felt ashamed of James and Lily for ignoring such a good child. But was happy for she felt as though Aurora was her own daughter. Plus she knew the boys just loved her and she didn't doubt that as Ginny and Ron grew they would to.

They sat and talked at the table for a little bit till the twins Suggested that they move to the living room. Each of them picked up one of the little kids and set them on the ground Percy ran of in front with Fred. But George just lifted his arms to Aurora, knowing exactly hat he wanted she picked him up swigged him around once then put him on her hip. The twins never just wanted to be picked up, they didn't think it was fun so she always swigged them around to make it fun. She had been the same way, her godfather and uncle Remus always said she didn't like to just be lifted.

Once she walked in she froze, Harry was in front of the fire on her mothers hip crying his eyes out. She immediately put George on his feet and ran to her brother. She pulled him from her mothers grasp and sat him on her hip and walked out to the garden. He had quieted down seeing her but was still crying, she looked him over and found no problems. It took she a minute but she noticed he was exhausted, much to tired for a small baby to be allowed, especially he little brother. She wrapped the blanket around him tighter and walked around letting the calm wind put him to sleep and enjoyed looking around.

She made her way back to the burrow after about 5 minutes and just took a empty seat next to Bill and had Fred sit next to her while George climbed to sit in Bill's lap. Her mom just watched her for a minute shocked, then went to the kitchen to talk to Molly. Bill smiled at her and took her hand giving it a small squeeze. Charlie came over with Percy and gave her a small squeeze on her shoulder. Percy just  took a seat at her feet.

While the kids sat in a warm, comfy silence letting Harry sleep; Molly and lily were in the kitchen talking about Aurora. Lily bit her lip and said "Is it ok if Aurora stays here for a little bit, we need to rebuild the house and we are going to stay at Hogwarts. We don't want her to see it before it's time for her to go to school. We are only taking Harry because he won't remember it."

Molly smiled brightly and said "I think that would be wonderful, I love having her here. She is such a calm child and all of my kids love her, so if they don't listen to me they will listen to her. Plus Bill is upset about going to Hogwarts and not seeing her, so yes this will be good. She is like a daughter to me anyway, she can stay as long as she wants."

Lily looked at her shocked that she had just said yes but said "thank you and I will have Sirius drop off a bag later." She stood and walked out and back to the living room. She just looked at her daughter for a minute; Aurora had the eldest son at one side with her head on his shoulder and his arm around her protectively. While she had one of the twins on the other side. On the eldest lap was the other twin and on her feet was the third eldest. But the second eldest stood behind her with a hand on her shoulder. Harry was still fast asleep in her lap. She walked over and said "You will be staying here while we rebuild the house. Sirius will drop off your bag later. I will take Harry and thank you for calming him down. Goodbye Aurora!"

Aurora like she always did when lily talked to her smiled warmly and waved silently. Then turned her attention to the twin that moved from her side and was trying to crawl into her lap. Charlie and Bill laughed while Aurora smiled fondly and set him on her lap. Charlie hopped over the back of the couch and took the spot at her side. Percy crawled into his lap and leaned back looking tired.

The boys looked at Aurora who was leaning back on the couch looking exhausted. She slowly moved closer to Bill and Put her head on his chest snuggling into him she passed out cold. Along with all their siblings Bill and Charlie fell asleep to. That was what Molly walked into when she saw that no one came in for lunch. She just smiled and walked back to the kitchen to make sure the food would still be ready when they woke. But didn't leave without taking a picture of them.

Bill was the first to wake and just stayed still as he had Aurora's head on his shoulder. But she woke next and moved her head back to the couch letting Bill pick up George. Bill just moved him to were he was then picked up Fred from Aurora's lap, so she could get up. They woke Charlie, had lunch, and flew the rest of the day.

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