Returning to Hogwarts

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Aurora and Bill left after Charlie a few weeks later, Harry was sad she wouldn't see him off but understood. He became best friends with Ron and Ginny, and always had a smile now that he could be with his sister. She told him what the fight with their father was about and agreed. She even took him school shopping before she left with Bill. Her and Bill's relationship grew at being about to see each other again. They quickly moved to be the best curse breakers in Gringotts. She heard of a few adventures of her brothers while he was at school since everyone knew she took care of him. But was happy he had a normal 3rd year.

But now it was his fourth year, she knew that the tournament was going to be at Hogwarts and told him that he was not to try to enter. She was scared that he would end up in the tournament anyway. But she should have been focused on her wedding. They hadn't told anyone but Bill had preposed to her while they were in Egypt. It was the only reason they had off for the next school year and a 2 months of summer. So they could plan, get married, and honeymoon before the final summer vacation rush.

They had lived together for a while and shared a bed, they liked being close to each other at night to calm down, and just being in each other arms. She had gotten permission to go and see the tasks and go visit her old professors. She was asked to be Hogwarts' judge as she was a model student/graduate. She was at home with Bill right now trying to think of how to tell his parents.

"What if we just go over and wait for her to see the ring? She looks at my hand every time we come over anyway, and if we are about to leave and she hasn't we just tell her." Aurora said. She was scared that Mrs.Weasley would start saying they were to young. But in reality most people were married before they were 22 in the wizarding world. Bill just nodded in agreement and pulled her off the couch.

Bill smiled at her and said "Well let's do this now. If we wait to long she if going to get mad. Ladies first love." Aurora gave him a affronted look and muttered something that sounded like evil. But flewd to the burrow and went to the kitchen where Molly was making a snack.

She ran up and hugged the woman that was like a mom to her from behind. Molly turned to hug her back but caught a glimpse of the ring and gasped. Aurora bit her lip and said "Well that didn't last long."

Molly just grabbed her hand looked at the ring for a second before she pulled Aurora into a bone crushing hug. Bill walked in the kitchen and got pulled into the hug to. Bill laughed and said "That didn't last long. Oh well we were coming to tell you anyway." Molly just tightened her grip on them, and started to cry.

Aurora pulled Mrs.Weasley's head to her shoulder and waited for her to calm down. When she did she pulled back and said "Well it took you long enough Bill. I thought you had forgotten that you were supposed to prepose to the girl." Bill just blushed while Aurora laughed with Mrs.Weasley. Then Molly turned to her "I always thought of you as a daughter and the kids as a sister, so not much will change. You'll just be real family in the eyes of the rest of the world."

Aurora teared up surprised that Molly thought of her like that. But said "Thanks... Mum. I always thought of you like a mum, you were always there. So thank you." Molly pulled her back into a hug and kissed her on the cheek.

When Molly pulled back she looked at Aurora in the eyes then to Bill. "I think it's time you use that invite to Hogwarts to tell the rest of the family. Plus I think 'Grandma Minnie' and 'Grandpa Albus' will want to know about this. So go go, I will tell your father." Molly smiled and stared to push them to the door.

Bill took Aurora's hand and apparated them into the small village outside Hogwarts. Aurora lead the way into the castle and to professor Mcgonagall's room. Aurora knew that with their timing was perfect because she would have a class and they could surprise Minerva. She got to the door and had Bill knock.

They heard a startled "come in" and Aurora opened the door. They were right Minerva was shocked that they had come. Even she couldn't keep the shock off for her face. But she did walk over and hug Aurora, then smile at Bill. Apparently the class had never seen the professor like this because they were looking at them like they were worth a thousand gallons.

Aurora just smiled softly at the stern professor and said "Sorry to interrupt but I thought I could come and say hi, and we have a announcement to tell you and the family. Plus I love coming back here." Bill just chuckled at the looks they were getting from the class. Apparently they had heard of them, because they were saying that they were old Head girl and Boy, but different years.

Minerva looked between them with a questioning look, but nodded. "You are free to look around the castle and I will give you the common room password so you can go and see it again. Here it is. Have fun and I will hear about this announcement later and I will not tell your siblings." She handed them a piece of paper with the password and pushed them out.

Aurora grabbed Bill's hand and dragged him to the potions room. Surprisingly she had been a favorite of professor Snape and was great at potions. He always meet her class with a small smile, so they made sure to not give him a reason to take points. She knocked at the door and waited patiently for him to open it. She heard a irritated "In" and smiled.

She opened the door and said "Why hello professor Snape it's been awhile. But I must say I think you need to warm up a little." She quickly used her metamorphmagus powers to make herself look like she did when she was in 7th year.

Professor Snape turned around and put a small smile on his face when he saw her. He came over and said "Well let's see what you really look like now, you know I don't like you using your powers in the lab." She smiled and turned back to normal. He was one of the only people that could tell when she was morfed.

She heard the class gasp and look to see the used to be 3rd years. They had been here when she left in 7th year. She smiled at how happy they looked to see them again and smiled brightly at them. "Well you can still see through my powers. I will give you that professor, but now we have to go I just wanted to stop by to say hi. We will see you at dinner later. Good bye sir." Her and Bill waved at the class and left. But she turned at the door frame and said "Do me a favor and don't tell anyone were here this is a surprise. Bye!"

Then Bill and her ran to the Charms room, she was almost bouncing she was so happy. Her and Bill were always the Best at charms, and they still used it the most for cruse breaking. This time the professor came to the door and opened it. Professor Filtwick jumped and fell back at seeing them. She and Bill helped him up and said "Hi professor, how are you!"

He looked at them then dragged them into the room. They laughed at how excited their old teacher was at seeing them. He had a class but seemed to have forgotten that and walked them up to his desk. "It's always a pleasure to see you too. First in your years, and heads. But I want to know if you could help me, I need a demonstration. Could you do a charm for my first years, they need to see what they can do with charms."

Aurora smiled "We can help professor, we can perform the Patronus charm for them." Bill smiled and nodded. Professor Flitwitck nodded enthusiastically and got all the class the pay attention to them.

They went to the middle of the room and silently cast the charm. A male lion came out of Bill's wand, with a big mane and strong body. But a female lion came out of Aurora's wand, it was smaller but none the less strong. They had them run around the room and up to the first years. They kids were cheering and clapping by the time they let the Patronus fade.

They left soon after for the common room, they wanted to see it again before they headed down to dinner. But what Aurora walked in on made her stop dead in her tracks. Harry was sitting in the couch with Ron and a girl, she thought her name was Hermione. Harry had told her all about his two friends.

Next will be Harry's reactions and I will they to do another story of little meetings during the summer. I'll put up a thing that says if I do.

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