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Aurora didn't waste any time getting all the kids home. The Weasleys had asked to stay with Aurora and Bill before seeing their parents in the morning. Aurora had no problem with it and set them up in the living room and sent Cedric and Harry to there rooms. After everyone was in the right place her and Bill went around to tuck everyone in saying on the way out that everyone would be talking in the morning and turn off the lights.
Once everyone was asleep Aurora and Bill went to their room. "I can't believe that no one noticed that he was an imposter. Not a soul in the whole place and if they did they didn't say anything at all. Harry entered in that terrible tournament and oh lord Cedric entered willingly so he has no choice he has to compete.  Oh no not Cedric he's always been like my son like Harry I can't have him in this thing to. What are we going to do Bill what are we going to do!?" Aurora said freaking out once the door was closed and she had put a silencing charm on the room.
Bill pulled her into his chest and started to run his fingers lightly though her hair to calm her down. She slowly got her breathing back to normal and leaned into his chest holding a tight grip on his shirt to keep him close. "I don't know Love, but Cedric entered so we can't help him he has to complete we can help all we want since I'm pretty sure your not judging anymore. We can sign the kids up for the school you mentioned, because your right they are going to learn a lot more there then they ever would at Hogwarts and they will be safe. They can join the quittage team to they'll love it there. We just need to get Cedric through this first." Bill explained. Bill had slowly moved Aurora closer to the bed while he talked and by the end she was laying in bed curled up to his chest half asleep. Bill did a simple switching charm to get them into pajamas seeing that Aurora didn't want to move.
Aurora tried to fight sleep but only managed to say "I love you William with all my heart only you can calm me down that fast and make me feel so safe just by holding me. Goodnight my love."  At the end she gave him a sweet meaning full kiss before falling asleep.
Bill didn't say anything for a while and just watched his fiancé sleep while playing with her hair. But after a while once he was sure she wasn't going to have a nightmare and no one was awake but him he kissed Aurora on the top of the head and laid down pulling Aurora closer to his chest after she started to reach for him. Bill fell asleep holding tight to her waist while she held as tight as she could to his shirt. He whispered a simple "I love you" in her ear before falling asleep.
  In the middle of the night Harry screamed as he woke from a nightmare. He sat up straight in bed panting for breath, he was never happier that he had silencing charms on his room. But unknown to him he also had sleep monitoring charms that told Aurora and Bill when ever he woke up and let them hear in. That charm had woken them both up and the second they realized who was screaming they rushed to his room. Harry jumped when Aurora burst in his room looking worried  and asked "mum how did you know I was up?"
Aurora didn't answer right away as she had pulled him into a hug and slowly got him to calm his breathing. Once she was sure he was ok she answered "we may have silencing charms on the bed room a bit we also have sleep monitoring charms on from when you were younger and had all those nightmares. It is designed to wake us up and let us hear in if your having a nightmare. So when you screamed it let your scream be heard in our room. But getting away from that are you ok Harry that one looked pretty bad. Do you want to stay with mum and dad tonight?" While she had been talking Bill had made his way in after checking on the rest of the kids and sat on the other side of Harry putting an arm around him and pulling him into his side and giving him a kiss on top of the head so he would relax and Harry simply leaned into his side clinging on to Bill's shirt making fist.
Harry blushed lightly "It was probably the worst one I've had for awhile it was about the tournament more like what it would be like if I was forced to be in it. I don't want to be near that thing. But yes if it's ok with you two I would like to sleep with you for the rest of the night." He has slowly moved more into Bill's side while speaking and was almost on his lap by the end.
Bill simply nodded to Aurora and picked Harry up and carried him to their room. They put Harry in the middle of the king size bed Before Aurora got in and let him cuddle into her side, knowing Bill was going to check on the other kids before going to sleep. And she was right Bill made his way to the other rooms and checked on all the kids who were fast asleep from the previous days events.
When Bill made his way back to the room Aurora was fast asleep but jack was awake waiting did Bill to get in bed. Bill went around and kissed Aurora's head and whispered "goodnight my love", before getting in bed. Harry pulled him close making it so he was in the middle of Bill and Aurora. Bill lightly kissed his head and whispered "it's ok no ones going to hurt you while your in our arms. Your safe tonight. Goodnight Har I love you my boy."
Harry smiled lightly before cuddling in to his side and saying "thanks dad goodnight."

I finally found time to write even if it was at 6am on a Sunday. Sorry it took so long but I hope you liked it.

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