The Goblet of Fire (part 1)

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The dinner came and went fast after the announcement that Aurora was the judge. Thought the other headmasters did question why Dumbledore wasn't the Hogwarts judge.

Aurora and Bill had to go back to Egypt for the day to get somethings that they had left at their house. They told the headmasters that they would miss the goblet choosing as they were meeting up with some friends of theirs in Egypt while they were down there. But they would come up after the feast to tell the champions the details about the 1st task, Which was right after the choosing. But what they walked into made them freeze. What they expected to walk in on was the students talking about the champions. Not everyone yelling accusations or asking what had happened, though there was quite a few froze in shock. Aurora froze as well for a second before looking at Bill with a confused look not understanding what was the big deal. But he just gently shrugged and said "I don't know but we need to find out."
To avoid question they immediately went back to where the champions were supposed to be waiting. They walked in and the sight made Aurora throw a hex at the Headmaster of Hogwart. "ALBUS DUMBLEDORE WHY ARE YOU HOLDING MY BABY BROTHER THAT MY I ADD I RASIED BY THE NECK!"
Everyone in the room and the great hall froze at hearing Aurora Potter's voice as they knew she would never approve of what her little brother had gotten in to. But her voice alone made some people have a second thought. Harry James Potter would never in a million years go against Aurora. She had raised him from when he was born and when he was 10 he left his parents to live with her fully by his choice not even thinking about staying with his parents. He wouldn't put his name in the goblet if only to not upset his sister, he held her above everyone even Bill who had taken the father roll in his life. He never would have put his name in the goblet anyway he hated attention. There was no way Harry entered his name in the tournament, no way in Merlin.
Dumbledore immediately released Harry and said "I'm sorry Aurora and William but I'm a bit on edge now as the goblet seems to have been tricked into letting there be a fourth champion. And well it... Harry has been chosen as the fourth champion in the tri-wizard tournament. I'm sorry." Harry who had ran to hug his sister and Bill the moment he was let go was shaking hoping his big sister/ mother and fill in big brother/ father could get him out of the tournament.
Aurora frozen for a minute along with Bill at hearing that Harry was going to be in such a dangerous tournament and was going to complete against people 3-4 years older than him.
It was completely silent in Hogwarts for a full minute, no one dared to speak till it sunk in for the two parents. "Dumbledore are you telling me that My LITTLE BROTHER WHO I THINK OF AS MY OWN SON IS COMPETING IN A TOURNAMENT WHERE PEOPLE HAVE DIED. DUMBLEDORE YOU BETTER EXPLAIN THIS RIGHT NOW BEFORE I DO MORE THAN THROW A SMALL HEX AT YOU."
Bill atomically wrapped her in his arms knowing she was going to ether attack dumbledore or break down crying. It ended up being both as first she started to attack him by throwing the worst curses she could think of. But after finally hitting him with one she broke down, she pulled Harry into her and held him as close as she could. She was shaking as she was crying so hard, if there was anything that would make Aurora Potter cry it was something happening to her son she didn't care if it happened to her but if it happened to family, It wouldn't end well with her.
Harry was shocked he had never seen his sister cry not when she hurt herself playing chaser, not when Lily had said such bad things about her, not even out of fear when she took him in. He had only seen her cry out of happiness like when she saw him the first time in two years. He never saw her cry out of fear or pain but here she was crying out of fear for him. He didn't care about what he called her anymore she was his mother. Yes biological she was his sister but in him head and heart she was him mum, that's what she was going to be forever. Just like Bill was his dad "Mum please tell me this is a big joke and I don't have to be in this tournament, please mum, dad please."
Aurora didn't answer and just pulled Harry closer and Bill just pulled them both closer to him. It took Bill a minute but he looked at Dumbledore and the ministry officials. He simply sent a look asking if there was a way that Harry could get out of the tournament. They just looked down and shook their heads or shrugged their shoulder not knowing if he could get out of it. Bill just sighed at the response and said "we're going to try our best to see what me and mum can do ok? We're going to see if we can get you out of this Har. Mum and me love you so much ok, we're going to see what we can do."

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