Part 2

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Aurora, Bill, and Harry didn't move for a few minutes before Bill let go and walked over to the people running the schools and games. He stared at them for a minute thinking. Before he said "The rules say he has to put his name in and the goblet must chose him for him to complete. Not his name has to be in and the goblet must Chose for him to be in. So if he didn't put his name in himself he doesn't have to complete. Plus it also shows to all the people out there still saying that he put his own name in that he didn't. Am I correct that it also won't heart him since he didn't put his name in, if  he backs out."
The judges looked at each other for a moment not believing that they didn't see that lope whole for the young boy. But looked over at the protective father and nodded showing that he was right. "I would suggest that he take a truth potion so we know he won't be hurt still." Said the minister.
Bill looked at his small family and nodded saying "if it gets him out of this then anything."
2 seconds that's how long it took Aurora Potter soon the be Weasley to process what moody said, who put her son's name in the goblet, as well as hex him so bad he was slammed to the wall and chained up so he couldn't move. "how dare you put my sons name in this tournament. HOW DARE YOU! WHO ARE YOU SOMEONE GET ME VERITASERUM RIGHT NOW WE HAVE A IMPOSTER!" Aurora started in a deadly whisper but ended in a scream that was heard all thought out Hogwarts.
No one hesitated to fallow her orders, Snape running to get the potion she demanded. The rest quietly watching her pass her scared son the her boyfriend before going forward to the man she chained to the wall and took his drink smelling it before passing it to Dumbledore now calmly speaking "it's Polyjuice Potion, bring me the trunk from his quarters and anything that maybe cursed but hardly with caution, Love will you go with them so they will be ok and make sure they don't touch anything cursed."
Everyone started to move fallowing her orders. Bill nodded and kissed the top of Harry's head before fallowing the group to the fake Moody's quarters. Harry stood for a moment before joining Cedric and the other champions by the fire. Cedric opened his arms so he could hug jack who still looked quite pale and now looked upset that his mom and dad couldn't hold him. Harry atomically went into Cedric's arms without hesitation putting his head into Cedric's chest. While Cedric wrapped his arms around Harry and pulled him as close as he could while resting his chin on the top of Harry's head. "Are you ok Har?"
Harry just nodded calming down in Cedric's arms, he was always close to Cedric and thought of him as a older brother/ role model. it helped that Cedric often came to the house to get away from his father who often was overly proud of him. Cedric loved the Potter/ Weasley family and thought of Aurora and Bill as his mom and dad and Harry as his little brother. He loved his family too but they were pushy for him to make the family name and wanted him to be the best at everything. Aurora and Bill never pushed him to be anything but himself, owed a lot to them.
Snape ran back in with the potion and gave it to Aurora. The team that went to Moody's quarters cane in right behind him with a bag of cursed things and the chest she asked for. The Polyjuice Potion wore off just as everyone turned to the imposter again.

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