The Arrivals

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It was two days before Halloween, Bill and Aurora had left after dinner last week after announcing the engagement. Harry hadn't stopped smiling since he had seen his big sister. Which wasn't surprising to anyone as it was well known how close the two were. Many were guessing that it might extend to Bill after the wedding. But back to the story.

All the students were lined but but house and year outside. The professors in the front they were all waiting for the other schools to arrive, when a second year Hufflepuff started pointing to the sky and screaming "IT'S A DRAGON!"(I can't remember what they were saying) but Colin and dense were screaming right back. "NO IT'S A FLYING HOUSE!"

They weren't to far off either, it was a big carriage that had flying horses in the front pulling  it.  The headmistress came out first the size of Hagrid, but was very handsome. She gave  a kiss on the cheek to the headmaster and lead her students inside.Not to long later a ship appeared in the black lake and boys in big fur capes came out and joined the other school inside. But it was now time for the feast.

Dumbledore has just stood up to give his speech when the owl came. All the Weasleys and Potters recognizes the as Auroras owl and grew worried that something as happened, they stood and went to see what the note said.  Dumbledore said everything was fine she was just going to be a big late. Saying her and Bill had to run and grab something before they came for the feast.

Dumbledore announced the schools and started the feast. About half way through the feast the doors of the great hall opened. Dumbledore stood and so did the Weasleys and Potter, hoping it would be their siblings. But what they saw wasn't fully what they expected, Charlie, Aurora, and Bill entered talking and laughing. Bill with his arm around Aurora and Charlie on Aurora's other side.

They ignored the confusion and ran up to their siblings. Harry immediately went to hug Aurora and Bill. After the announcement he had felt a lot closer to Bill and really wanted to be held by both of the people who raised him.  All the Weasleys went to Charlie as they saw Harry going to both Aurora and Bill. But they didn't complain as they hadn't seen Charlie in almost a year. (As you can see I made it so Charlie couldn't go to the World Cup)

After holding Harry and Aurora for a while Bill pulled back slightly thinking that Harry wanted to hug Aurora alone as well. But Harry tightened his grip and pulled him back in. The Hogwarts students were smiling at that and some were passing around money. While the students from the other school were confused as it looked to them like Harry's parents had come to visit. As they had no clue who any of the people who had just came were or the ones that were hugging them.

After a few minutes of hugging and I missed yours being passed around, as well as switching who they were hugging. Dumbledore stood up "Welcome back Aurora Potter and Bill Weasley. Who as we learned last week are engaged. But enough with that Aurora has agreed to be Hogwarts judge for the tri-wizard tournament."

The other schools looked shocked that Dumbledore wasn't the Hogwarts judge. But the Hogwarts students started screaming and clapping and the 7th tears that they were close to ran up and gave them a hug along with Harry and all the Weasleys.

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