What's a Soulmate?

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Keith told Shiro he wasn't feeling well and went home while everyone else went to the local strip mall. When he got home, he locked himself in his room and began looking for any and all information on soulmates he could find. Of course he knew the basics, whatever pain your soulmate felt you also felt and said injury was afflicted upon you as well, but the details after that basic knowledge were fuzzy. He wanted to know why this happened, what caused it and why your soulmate was who they were. He started by reading the book he got from the bookstore.

The book, titled Simply Soulmates, gave a very detailed explanation based on genealogy and molecular structure, and mentioned the word he hated. Fate. He didn't want to think his whole life was going to go a certain way regardless. He wanted to think things went certain ways because of his choices and actions. Keith wanted to be in charge of his own life. Despite this, he couldn't deny that he was attracted to Lance, even if it was only a slight attraction. This attraction was currently the bane of his existence. He didn't like that he subconsciously would stare at Lance, admiring his sharp jawline, his sparkling sapphire eyes, his impossibly smooth skin.

Keith snapped himself out of his thoughts before they resembled an NC-17 movie, and returned to his reading.

Keith finished the book just as he heard the front door open and heard Lance yell, "What's up Samurai? Your favorite roommate is home!"

Keith walked into the kitchen where he found Lance putting up some food he had picked up for them to have at home. He finds it strange that they both think of this tiny apartment they share as a 'home.' "Lance you're my only roommate so you're both my favorite and least favorite." Lance pulled out a box of Cherry Kool-aid pouches and Keith's expression brightened. "Right now you're leaning more towards my favorite."

The two finished putting up the groceries together and Keith went back to his room to finish his research. After about an hour, he fell asleep at his desk with the computer still on and books sprawled everywhere. Then, there was a knock, which of course went unheard by Keith.

"Hey Keith I'm about to get some food with Hunk and the others, you want to come with or me to bring something back?" Silence. "Keith?" Lance slowly opened the door to find his roommate asleep in a very disorganized mess. Gently, Lance grabbed Keith's shoulder and tried to wake him. Keith groaned and opened his eyes. "Hey man,if you're going to sleep, do it in your bed. I'm going to eat with everyone else, do you want me to bring you back something?" Keith nodded and moved to his bed, falling back asleep almost immediately. Lance took Keith's wrist brace off for him, shut his laptop, and left, quietly shut the door behind him with a fond smile on his face.

Keith woke up to an eerily quiet apartment about an hour later. He found his wrist brace on his desk with a sticky note on it that read,

Bueno días, durmiendo, belleza. Try taking this thing off before you sleep next time it hurts like a bitch because of the metal. Anyways I'll bring you something to eat when I get home I'll be out for an hour give or take.


Keith smiled and put the note on his desk before going to their living area to watch TV. Lance came back not long after to find Keith watching Anastasia.

"Wow I'm hurt why would you watch this without me. Here, Shiro said you really liked this." Lance dropped a to-go box into Keith's lap. He opened the box to find a Korean dish he hadn't had in years but used to be his favorite,Kimchi as Shiro had called it. "They just opened this Korean place down the street so that's where we went. I thought it was amazing."

Keith looked up at Lance and smiled in a way Lance had never seen. It was gentle and gratuitous. "Thanks Lance, I really appreciate it." The two sat together and watched Anastasia while Keith ate.

"Hey Keith can I ask you a probably personal question?" Keith hesitated but nodded nonetheless. "What do you think about soulmates?" At this, Keith stopped eating and set his food on the end table beside the couch.

"Well that's kinda complicated. In the past, I absolutely despised even the idea of soulmates. I didn't like that my love life wasn't even my choice. The word fate made me sick. Recently though I think my views have changed. I can't tell you how or why, but they have changed." The whole time Lance watched Keith, who stared at the carpet, with hopeful eyes but a blank face. When Keith looked up, the eyes were what he noticed. Those amazingly blue, hope filled eyes.

"I think soulmates are amazing. Dating is stressful and the anxiety of 'Am I going to be with this person forever or are we going to break up horribly and never talk again and pretend we never met if we pass on the street?' is just awful. Eliminating all of that is amazing. Also, how does it work? How does the universe know who your perfect match is before you even meet them? Its fascinating I think." Lance's eyes went from hope filled to filled with wonder and amazement.

"I never really thought of it that way but I guess you're right." At that the movie ended. "Well I'm going to go to bed it's getting pretty late and I have to work tomorrow." Keith grabbed his trash and began walking to the kitchen. On the way, he tripped over a pair of shoes, causing him to fall face first on the ground and stab himself in the thigh with his plastic fork, drawing a little blood. In unison, the two yelled, "Shit!" and froze in their spots.

Slowly, Keith stood and the two made eye contact. They both had a red spot on their faces where Keith hit his face on the ground and a bruise was forming. Before anything could be said, Keith threw out his trash and ran out the front door, ignoring Lance, who was calling his name. He ran until he reached Shiro's apartment.

"I need to talk to you."


1076 words, I'm proud of myself. Well here's this chapter I'm sorry it took so long to post but the next one will probably take longer, I have homework every night and marching band ever day except Wednesday and Sunday so I can't exactly write like I did over summer. I hope you enjoy this chapter!!

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