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Okay before I write anything I want to thank @Forever_A_Scone for coming up with this soulmate AU and all credit for this au goes to them. Basically, any injury afflicted on you your soulmate will also be affected by. I think I might tweak some things from the original idea but thats the general description.

Thought will look like this


Lance was 16 when he started saving up for moving to his first apartment. At first it was just saving change he found or his allowance in a jar with My Freedom written on the lid. Then, when he was 17 he got his first job. It didn't pay much, but it was enough. He began putting a little bit extra in his savings account every week and kept up with his freedom jar until he was 19. The jar was filled on his 19th birthday and that combined with what was in his savings was enough to rent a two bedroom apartment with one of his friends, who he called the day he got the money.

"Shiro guess what?! Actually don't because I'm going to tell you. My amazing saving skills and I have finally earned enough to move out! Do you still need a roommate?"

"Oh thats amazing Lance I'm so proud of you, but actually Allura and I recently got an apartment together. Sorry. I know someone who does though, why don't you and my brother move in together?" 

"Alright your loss. That would be fine too. I'll just text you when I move then and you can tell your brother. See ya later." Lance hung up before he could respond and sighed. He really wasn't keen on the idea of living with a stranger, but he trusted Shiro's judgement.

It took about a week to find an apartment and get everything moved in, even with the help of Hunk, Shiro, and his older sister Sophia, but when they were done, Lance couldn't be happier to be on his own. Sure he absolutely loved his house but there were so many kids it got to be too much for him to handle and he was ready to escape.

"Alright Lance I'll bring my brothers stuff by later this week. He should be here Friday." Lance nodded. That meant he had the apartment to himself for three days. The first day he unpacked his things after work and managed to sprain his wrist by falling down the stairs when he was taking the boxes to the outside dumpster. The second day he stayed home from work, doctor's orders, and watched Disney movies. The third day he was to stay home too but went to work instead. As soon as he got home, he went straight to bed.

The next morning he was awoken by a knock on the door. He dragged himself out of the bed, cursing whoever was here so early. When he opened the door he was greeted by Shiro and a guy around his age, a little shorter than him with striking violet eyes and black hair cut in a mullet. Who has a mullet these days? And who made it legal to look good with a mullet?

"Hey Shiro." He tiredly waved with his injured wrist and walked off to the kitchen to get some food. "Make yourself at home. Want something to eat?"

Shiro and the other boy walked in and sat at the bar in the kitchen. "No thanks Lance. This is my brother, Keith." Keith waved but still didn't say anything.

"Okay cool your room is the one with the red carpet in it, hope thats fine." Keith gets up without a word and goes to find his room, leaving only Shiro and Lance. "He seems... nice?"

"I woke him up early so he isn't in the best mood." Lance sat a plate of eggs i front of Shiro and another beside him before making his own plate. "Lance you didn't have to make us these."

"Yeah I know dad but I wanted to, so eat." Shiro sighed but ate anyway. "Try to get along with Keith. Thank you for the food but I have to go meet Allura now." He went toward Keith's room, probably to say bye, and left.

Lance couldn't work today since the strain on his wrist was causing problems, so he figured he would invite Keith to watch Disney movies with him. Keep in mind, Lance comes from a big family where privacy was a rarity and often it slipped his mind that barging in a room could be seen as rude, so he just walked in Keith's room with no warning.

"Hey Kei-" He stopped when he saw Keith sound asleep. Then he saw something he hadn't noticed earlier, Keith was wearing a brace on the same wrist as Lance. He quietly left the room and shut the door behind him, leaving the wrist thing a just a coincidence in his mind.

Keith finally came out of his room after about three hours and left without saying a word. Lance paid no mind and just continued with his movie marathon. Hours pass and suddenly, Lance is hit with waves of pain throughout his body. Bruises formed and skin split as he ran to the bathroom to see what was happening. The pain stopped as suddenly as it started while he assessed the damage. There were bruises and gashes that made it look like he got in a fight and was the loser. He wiped the blood off with a washcloth and returned to the couch. That's when the door opened and revealed an equally injured Keith.


Sorry it's kinda short. I'll try and add length to the next chapter.

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