The box

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~3rd person~

The next morning a pakage arived to your door, it was wraped neatly with a bow on top. You carried it inside before walked upstairs squeeling from excitement. You grabed a small knife before cutting the edges of the box and opening it carefully, you closed your eyes as you lifted the lid.

As you finally glanced into the box  it was filled with bubblewrap, you took it out and inside was a letter.

'Thank you for buying this box, look in and you will see your prise!"

"What on earth did i buy" you thought to yourself as you twisted the card around and there was a white envelope, you slowly opened it before freezing. Were you dreaming? This couldent be true, you found two tickets to the upcomming bts concert and a pass to the fanmeeting.

You grabed your phone:(sparkly bum=you, Cash=friend)

Sparkly bum: F/N!

Sparkly bum: F/N get your ass here

Sparkly bum: F/N Please!!

Cash: yeah

Sparkly Bum: im comming round

Cash: whaa no WHAT THE HELL?!

~20 minutes later (F/N pov)~

I heard banging on the door causing me to sigh as i walked towards the door, but as i opened it i got takled down to the ground by a big baby.

"Y/N your squishing me!!" i exclamed feeling slightky anoyed from hearing my bones crackle.

"You wownt believe what came in that box" Y/N said with excitment in her eyes which wasnt always a good thing.

"What box? Ooooo the one you ordered online wasting money on some random stuff, oh yes i remember" i said trying to tease her.

"Its not just anything" Y/N reached into her pocket and took out tickets and passes.........HOLLY FRIDGEING SON OF THE DAMN SEA THEY ARE FOR A BTS CONCERT.
We started fangirling and jumping around in cirkles in excitement.

"Girls whats going on" my mum said as me and Y/N were bright red from all the excitement.
"Y/N got two tickets for the bts concert!! Aswell as the passes for the fanmeet!" I said in excitement as me and Y/N started squeezing eachother to death.

"I cant believe this is actually happening" we both said in synk once we finally calmed down a bit.

This wasnt a dream right?

A/n Hello sorry these chapters arnt that interesting but its just getting started and this fanfic is good to read with a friend as the friend will have a backround storry too😙😙
No ones left out 😄

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