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The fan meet by JeonCalista
The fan meetby JeonCalista
You and your best friend go to a fan meet to only meet the love of your life
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Stray Kids 10th member by idontgotnotime
Stray Kids 10th memberby NONE
Han Hyunji is Stay Kids 10th member But is the only girl ________ I actually don't know what to write here so yeah :)
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Bad luck ~(reader fan x bts) by swaggy_mama
Bad luck ~(reader fan x bts)by ✎༉‧₊˚ froggy ₊˚.༄
You have been a fan of bts for years now, but you never had the money to be able t o go to any concerts. All you could do was buy cheep merch from ebay, and diy some fai...
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Right Place | Right Time  (J-Hope x Reader) by MrsJungHailey
Right Place | Right Time ( Hailey B
A once in a lifetime encounter. A meeting only dreams are made of. One second is all it takes to leave an make it count! Or What will happen when y/n tr...
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My idol, my childhood friend || Jikook & Taejin by JeonJeonCena
My idol, my childhood friend || JeonJeonCena🐰🍜
Jimin and Jin are going to a fanmeet to their favorite idols Which were Jungkook and Taehyung. The fans couldn't see the idols very much so what do they do next..... Bu...
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Dream //myg x reader// by brewmeacupoftae
Dream //myg x reader//by ☕️
Based on a dream I had where you are a fan and Suga is an idol. Not strictly following the dream, otherwise everyone will end up confused. ••• photo of Yoongi is not mi...
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Unexpected Love J.JK by btsimagine4
Unexpected Love J.JKby btsimagine4
You had no idea who he was just that he was in one of the Biggest Boy Bands in the world and who would have thought he would fall for you. Jeon Jungkook Fanfiction. #15...
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Fan meet • SEUNGJIN by CuteKate10
It all started when Kim Seungmin went to a fan meet for his favorite model, Hwang Hyunjin.
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Letters ||KTH by 007BANGTAN007
Letters ||KTHby 007BANGTAN007
BTS.... They have been your weakness ever since you have known them especially your bias V. You have been sending letters to him during their fan meet through others...
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*Peanut Butter Thicc* -PJM  by MiniMintSuga
*Peanut Butter Thicc* -PJM by MiniMintSuga
A simple girl named Shantelle had the opportunity to meet the biggest boy band on the planet. This was her ultimate dream coming true. Nothing would make her happier tha...
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"Because It's You" || MoonBin || ASTRO (아스트로) FF by lostinthemiroh
"Because It's You" || MoonBin || trash ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ
Today is the day of the days you get to see you favorite group perform and you can even talk to them at the fanmeet after the concert. Of course you want your Bias to n...
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Little sprinkle of Suga by MaishaSupriteeChowdh
Little sprinkle of Sugaby Maisha Supritee Chowdhury
**Best Ranking- #1 in fanmeet** My heart beat quickened and my hands became clammy with sweat. I swear I felt like I was being overwhelmed by a ton of different emotion...
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Amaranth  by whysteriarose
Amaranth by W. H. Rose
The boy looked at the box in curiosity before opening it, removing the cover to reveal its contents. Inside, dozens upon dozens of envelopes, all in different colors, la...
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Honey and Puppy Dog Eyes || M.Yg. by AelitaAi
Honey and Puppy Dog Eyes || Peaches
"It's pretty fucking rude, Yoongi." Something that starts off at a fan meet
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i fell in love with a fan||전정국 (jungkook)  by UWU_Kpop17
i fell in love with a fan||전정국 ( XOXO_k-pop
Nicky was a huge fan of bts. but she never got the chance to go to a fansign nor a concert. one day she got the chance to go to both of them, bts and Nicky soon became...
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Your One and Only Angel (WIP) by Lulu5455
Your One and Only Angel (WIP)by Lulu5455
You end up finally getting enough money to travel to Seoul and go to a fan meeting with BTS. They happily greet you, but when it was time to talk with J-Hope... Your lif...
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My Bias Jeonghan by GingerK25
My Bias Jeonghanby Ginger
A fangirl named Jia was in a fan sign to meet her favourite K-pop group SEVENTEEN, but the one she was looking forward to meet the most was her bias, Jeonghan. And Jia n...
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Meeting My Bias: Park Jimin by princekimtaetae
Meeting My Bias: Park Jiminby PrinceKimTaeTae
When Y/N sees him she's speechless.....he's just so....beautiful. His eyes looking deep into her soul....she blushes feeling embarrassed about the awkward situation. Mak...
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The Makeup Artist by KashK7
The Makeup Artistby Kash K.
"Smartest people I have met are fangirls or fanboys" . . . Story of how a fashion designing graduate works with bighit. With her beauty lets see which one is f...
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Times Up  Female x min yoongi by C_L_A_U_D_E
Times Up Female x min yoongiby Sebastian Michaelis
you are a big fan of BTS you love all of there songs and all of them .you go to a BTS fan meet and something happens.... I Do not own BTS 😂
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