= Chapter 34 =

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"In a room full of art, I'd still stare at you."

-Jeremy Lockhart


Never thought I'll be here, but look where motivation brought me. I was standing before the CD shop where we got our tape of 3W! from.

It was exactly the same—dull, old and rusty. After the overwhelming day of kisses, fights and tears, all I wanted to do is to be alone.

Pushing through the doors, the familiar scent of smoke assailed my senses. However, I don't see the same tattooed man, instead I see a punk looking lady with a cigaret in between her lips.

"Looking for something darlin'?" Her raspy voice echoed through the shop.    

"Is there any tattooed man working here?" I approached her.

"No, I'm the only employer. " she answered, frowning as her sharp red painted nails held her cigaret.

"Well...did anyone ever take over your duty for a day recently? He knows me apparently, I'm Skylar Torres. "

"Kiddo if I knew someone like that was working here, I would have told you already...wait what'd you say your name was again?" She leaned forward, blowing a puff of smoke into my face.

"...Skylar Torres." I coughed out, swiping away the grey clouds.

Shrugging slightly, she turned around and headed into the back of the store. Tiptoeing, I tried to see where she was heading to.

"Well this is weird, but I got a mail which is actually for you. They might have delivered it wrongly." I grabbed the envelope from her hand.

The envelope had my name imprinted onto it and below it was written 3W! .
Gulping, I questioned the lady.

"Who sent this?"

"The mailman of course!"

"I mean did you see how that mailman looked at least?" 3W! could have been impersonating a mailman, I just had to be sure.

"Hmmm...he was covering his face with his cap, definitely was a hottie." I snorted at her response, realizing that it would be hopeless to get answers from her.

Walking out of the store, the cool breeze blew against my tan skin. Autumn was coming as fast as I was leaving this neighborhood in a few days. It scared me. A lot.

Ripping open the envelope, I pulled out two pieces of paper. One was a map of the states around LA while the other was a message. I read out the message in my mind —

Clue 1:
The darkest and most quiet places have the loudest secrets.
= 3W! =

The race to find 3W! had just begun...


Closing the front door, I noticed my mum in her usual spot— the sofa.
Her smile was becoming weaker, her arms were becoming frailer and I knew that she didn't have much time left. She knew it herself.

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