Ive Fallin In Love With A Bad Boy.....

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Mom- Ava

Older Sister- Camille

Younger Brother- Kyree

Bestie- Andrea

Neice- TeCeah 

Lizette Hernandez is the middle child of three kids. She is 16, Her sister is 18, and her brother is 14. Her sister has a daughter named TeCeah that is 4. Her baby daddy name is Jordan. He comes over every weekend to see TC. Sometimes he takes her over to his house. My mom cant stand him but the only reason she dont like him is because him and Camille arent together. I put up with him. To be honest i dont really know him but he seems nice. My brother on the other hand thinks he is gods gift to girls. He always talkin to girls. He's a typical teenage boy. A Player. 

Me and Andrea have been friends since 3rd grade. Our moms are really close. We been through almost everything. She has a boyfriend named Kordelle. He's the typical bad boy that every girl wants. The only thing i have a problem with is how he treats her. He dont hit her or nothing but he cheats on her all the time. She knows about it but i guess thats what love does to you. 

As for me im single. Just waiting for the right one. I just dont like to play games and the boys i know are all about the games. I have a rule tho. I cant date a bad boy, too much trouble. So for now im just gonna enjoy single life :) 

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