Cant Be Friends </333

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"Are you the family of Rashaun Carter?" The doctor asked. Korey stood up. 

"He's my brother. Is he okay?" He asked. I just hadd my head down. 

"Well....He was shot 3 times. One in the chest and 2 in the back. We were able to remove all of them and stop the bleeding." I sat up. I was glad he was okay. "But he is in recovery now. So only family for now." He said. 

"Let her go back there." Korey said pointing to me. 

"Is she family." He asked. Korey rolled his eye. He was getting irritated. 

"Thats his girlfriend" Dre said. He nodded. I just stayed quiet. 

"I'll see if he's ready for visiters." He said walking back through the double doors. 

"You straight Liz?" Korey asked. I nodded. The doctor came out. 

"Follow me." He said. I got up and followed the doctor to room 213. He slowly opened the door. "Go ahead." He said with a warm smile. I walked in and shut the door quietly. He was sitting in a chair with his back to the door. I could tell he didnt have on a shirt on cuz i could see a bandage on his right shoulder. I walked over to him and sat on the end of the hospital bed that was right across from him. 

"You my girlfriend now?" He asked with a warm smile. I smiled back. 

"I didnt think i was gonna see that smile again." I said. He shook his head. 

"Im fine Liz. Aint nun new." He said. I tutted. And put my head down. I started to cry. "Whats wrong?" He asked leaning forward taking my hands in his. 

"This is my fault Rashaun. Because of me you were almost killed." I said. He smacked his lips and stood up. 

"Come here." He said pulling me up. I stood up and he huged me. I didnt hug him to tight but he held me like he was never gonna let go. "I aint goin no where babygirl. You aint gotta worry about that." He whispered in my ear. I pulled away and he cupped my face with his hands. "Stop cryin." He said before kissing me softly. I didnt expect to feel that either. 

"When do you go home?" I asked. He shrugged. 

"I think later tonight or tomorrow morning. " He said. I nodded and the nurse came in. 

"Well mr carter looks like you can leave tonight." She said tryin to flirt i rolled my eyes and he laughed. he handed him some paperwork that he needed to fill out. Then handed him a lil piece of paper out of her bra. I raised my eyebrow. She left the room. I shook my head. 

"I'll see you tomorrow." I said going to walk out the door but i felt his arms wrap around me. 

"I want you to stay with me tonight." He said against my neck before kissing it. I closed my eyes as he sucked on my neck. I turned and pecked his lips. 

"I'll be out here waiting." I said walking out the door. 


"Rashaun you have to take your medicane" I said. He's been fighting me for like an hour now. 

"No." He said crossing his arms. I sware he is such a lil kid. 

"You really need to grow up. Its a little pill. And it will take the pain off your chest and back." I said still standing in front of him with the pill in my hand. 

"Nun a blunt cant fix." He shrugged. Ugh!

"Why do you have to be so damn hard headed?" I asked. He smirked. "Not that nasty ass. Take this now or im leaving." I said. He sighed and took the pill. I wasnt gonna leave but i want him to get better. After about 15 minutes his meds kicked in. He was babling on about random shit and was tired but fighting it. 

"Rashaun come on." I said standing up.

"Where we goin?" He asked with his head back and his eyes closed. 

"To lay down come on." I said. He got up and i guided him to his room. He took off his shirt and pants and was left in his boxers. Damn he looked good but he was so out of it. He layed down and i covered him up with that i went to leave the room.

"Where you goin?" He asked sleepily.Awe he sounded so cute. 

"Imma go get my phone." I said. I went into his living room and grabbed my phone. There was a text from Chris...

If i cant have you. NO one can :)

He really wasnt gonna stop. This scared me. I didnt wanna lose Ray. I walked back into his room and he was passed out. I called my mom as i walked into the living room.

Mom- Lizette what is going on between you and Kyree?!

Me- He's mad at me cuz im talking to Rashaun. 

Mom- Is that where you are now?

Me- Yes. 

Mom- I want you home tomorrow so we can settle this. Im sick of this drama. 

Me- Okay...

Mom- Love you. 

Me- Love you too. 

I hung up. I understand Ky was just trying to protect me but people need to give Ray a chance. I know what he does is wrong but what Ky and his friends do is wrong to. I love my little brother to death but he cant be trying to be my boss. I walked back in Rays room and he was sitting up groaning about something. 

"You okay?" I asked sitting on the side of the bed. 

"My back is killing me." He said. He was shot 2 times in it. Of course it was gonna hurt. 

"Why dont you lay on your side." I suggested. He nodded and turned over slowly. When he finally got comforable he sighed. "You okay now?" I asked. 

"I will be once you lay down with me." He said. I got under the covers and layed down next to him. He wrapped his arms around me and before i knew it he was asleep. I really like Rashaun but if if he gets shot everytime we are seen together maybe its not a good idea that we date......

[Sorry it ws short and a lil boring but the next one is filled with drama so get ready! I hope you liked it if i get 15+ comments the next chapter will be LONG!]

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