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I got up and did the same thing i always do. I got ready and walked downstairs. When i walked into the living room Jordan was sitting on the couch sleeping while TC was sleep next to him. I walked into the kitchen and my mom was in there drinking her morning coffee. 

Ma- Morning baby. 

Me- Morning. When did Jordan get here?

Ma- Camille called him at 2 this morning to come watch her so she could go out. 

Me- Are you serious. 

Ma- Yup and she pulled the same shit that if he didnt come he wouldnt see her no more. 

Me- Ugh she pisses me off. 

Ma- Watch your mouth. 

Me- Its true tho ma. The only people that take care of TC is me, you, and Jordan. 

Ma- One day she'll realize what she's doing wrong. 

Me- Mom TC is 4. When is that gonna be?

Ma- Just give it time hun. But arent you goin to work?

Me- I dont go in till 3:30.

Ma- Okay well ill see you tonight. I gotta go. Luv you. 

Me- Luv you. 

Mom leaves. I walked into the living room and TC was crying. Jordan was trying to get her to stop but she wouldnt. I walked over and picked her up. 

Me- Jordan go sleep in Camille's room. I got her. 

Jor- Thanks. *Gets up and gives TC a kiss then goes into Camilles room.* 

I took her to her room and layed her down to sleep but she kept crying. She was being really fussy. I felt her head and she was hot. I took her tempature and it was 100. I called Camille.

Cam- Hello?

Me- Where are you?!!

Cam- With friends. Why are you yelling at me?

Me- Cuz TC is sick and has a fever of 100.

Cam- Jordan is there.

Me- He sleep. You need to get your ass home now!

Cam- I'll be home later tonight.

Me- Camille get home now! *Hangs up*

Ugh i cant stand her! I didnt want to call my mom cuz she was busy at work by now. Then Kyree came downstairs. 

Ky- What wrong with her?

Me- She's sick and Camille wont come home. 

Ky- Want me to help?

Me- No you and Ty go out and have fun. 

Ky- You sure?

Me- Yeah. 

Ky- Aight i'll be back later. 

Me- I have work at 3 so be back b4 then. 

Ky- Aight. 

Him and Ty leave. I walked into mom's bathroom and TC's medicene. I walked in the room and gave it to her. B4 i knew it she was asleep. I walked into the living room and sat on the couch. Today was gonna be a long day. Then my phone rang. It was Andrea. 

Me- Hey girl.

Dre- Whats wrong girl you sound stressed.

Me- Camille wont come home and TC is sick. I have to work at 3 and i dont know if she gonna be home by then. 

Dre- Damn. Well i wish i could help. Has Rashaun called you?

Me- Ye- Wait how did yo- You gave him my number!!

Dre- *Whispers* Shit. *Normal voice* Sorry. 

Me- Thanks alot. 

Dre- Oh come on dont be mad. You need to live a little. 

Me- Im so tired of hereing that. 

Dre- Well i have to go get ready. I'll call you in a lil bit. Luv ya. 

Me- Luv ya. *Hangs up* 

It was already 2:50 and Camille still wasnt here. I was gonna be late. I called my boss and told him i had a family emergancy and he said that was okay. Wait till i see Camille its finna go down. 


It was about 5 and and Camille walked through the door drunk. 

Cam- *Sluring her words* Were mah baby....At?

Me- Left with Jordan. 

Cam- You let my baby leave with him?!!

Me- Get outta here! 

Cam- I want my baby!!

My mom came downstairs. 

Ma- Camille go lay down in your room. 

Cam- No!! I want my daughter!!

Ma- Camille go lay down or im calling the cops on you. 

Cam- *Starts crying* Nobody loves me!!!

Ma- Shut up and get your ass upstairs. 

Camille went to bed and so did my mom. Kyree went back to Ty's. I was so bored and didnt have work tommorow. So i called Dre to see what was up. 

Dre- Wassup?

Me- Bored as fuck. 

Dre- Want me and Korey to come get you?

Me- Sure. 

Dre- We on our way. 

About 10 minutes later they pulled up. I told my mom i was leaving and went out to the car. I got into the backseat with Dre. When the person in the passanger seat turned around. Are you kidding me?!!

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