Crushin On Ehm ♥

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1 Week Later........

I was putting away some new shoes that just came in when i felt someone grab my ass. Of course it was Rashaun. 

Me- Can i help you?

Ray (Rashaun)- This girl need a size 6 in these. 

I put the shoes up and grabbed the 6. I handed it to him and he pulled me to him and pecked my lips. 

Ray- Thanks. 

Me- You gotta stop doing that. 

Ray- Why? Those lips are kinda hard to resist. 

I blushed. He is so damn cute. 

Ray- See i got chu thinkin bout me. 

Me- What ever. Go take that girl her shoes. 

Ray- Oh im working the register i just said that so i could come see you. 

This niqqa........

Me- Well im still working so go on bout cha business. 

Ray- *Laughs* I'l see you in a lil bit. 

He walked out the room. I finished up and my boss told me that i could leave early. I grabbed my bag and walked out the back. I finally got to my house and there was yelling coming from inside. And my moms car was here so that means something has to be up. I walked in and My mom and Camille were arguing. 

Cam- So your gonna take my daughter?!!!

Ava- Yes!

Cam- Well im not letting you!!

Ava- Either i take her or Jordan does?!!

Cam- None of you are taking her. She's mine!

Ava- She might as well be Lizette's she's the only one who takes care of her!

Cam- Bullshit! She is my daughter. 

Ava- Okay Camille im done arguing with you! Im keeping TC and you can have her back once you get out and get a REAL job and a safe place to stay with her. Untill then she is mine. 

Cam- No mom she's mine. 

Ava- Honey in case you have forgotten you sighned your rights over when she was born cuz you were too young. So yes she is mine. And untill you change your ways im keeping her. And you can visit her do whatever but i want you out tomorrow. 

With that my mom left the room in tears. Camille went to her room and started packing. My mom and her were slamming shit and throwing stuff around. I went into my room to find TC in my bed sleep. Poor baby. I had to get her outta here. So i called Andrea. 

Dre- *Moaning* Hello?

I hung up. What kinda girl answers the phone while fucking? My phone rang. 

Me- Hello?

Ray- Wassup? Why you leave work?

Me- He let me leave early. 

Ray- Whats wrong?

Me- What chu mean?

Ray- I can tell you upset about something. 

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