= Chapter 28 =

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"I don't ask for you to change, and you don't ask for me to change."

-Jeremy Lockhart


Strolling towards the exit of school, I couldn't get the scene between Gabriel and Jeremy out of my head. The book had something special in it, I just wish I knew what it was about. The sudden vibration of my phone snapped me out of my reverie.

Dante [ Danny Boy ] :

Sorry Skylar, I can't make it today. Could we go to the beach another time?

A pout found it's way to my lips. Sighing in sadness, I replied with a simple 'sure'.

Stuffing my phone back into my pocket, I walked aimlessly to the back of the school. My mind searched for something interesting to do this afternoon since Dante wasn't free.

Curving around the corner, I looked ahead to see a familiar figure. Ruffling his sandy blonde hair, he slipped into his raven black jacket which complimented his tan skin and black ripped jeans.

Licking my lips wet, I noticed how he swiftly got onto his motorbike that screamed bad boy. At that exact moment, my phone vibrated once more.


See what I see? Follow him.

- 3W!

My eyes widened, how did he even get my number? Having curiosity sparked within myself as well, I decided to follow his orders. Whipping out my penny skateboard from my bag, I raced after his motorbike which was heading to a foreign direction that I was not familiar with.

The alleys got narrow, the streets got quieter, so quiet that it wouldn't be a surprise if you could hear my rapid heartbeats.

Following him closely, I was thankful he hadn't notice me. His motorbike came to a halt outside a secluded bar. Outside the bar were a mix of women wearing skimpy clothes trying to throw themselves onto men who were joking around and having beer bottles in their hands. It was a typical place I wasn't suppose to be at, but look what I was doing.

Placing my skateboard into my bag, I pulled my hoodie over my head as I followed the direction Jeremy was walking towards.

Surprisely, there wasn't anyone who stopped me from entering the bar without an ID. As I made my way into the bar, dancing sweaty bodies pressed and rubbed up against me under the multicolored lights. I don't mind though, it was the fastest way across the bar to keep up to Jeremy's unusually quick pace. I feel a pair of eyes on me as I pass, but I brushed off that uncomfortable feeling.

I hid behind a pillar once I noticed Jeremy whispering to a man who wore a tight fitting suit. I found it weird that Jeremy never once removed his shades the moment he left school.

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