*Prince Royce's POV*

Adrienne was freaking perfect. There was no shaking that thought from my mind.

As I prepared backstage for my show in DR, all I could think about was waking up with Adrienne's hand in mine. It was an amazing thought and it was amazing to know it actually happened. Did I regret sleeping with her? Yeah. But only because it caused me to become more amazed by her charm.

"You're on in a minute.", said a guy working backstage, who controlled the lighting and sound, and I was snapped out of my day dreaming.

"Oh...yeah, okay, ready whenever you are."

The guy gave me a thumbs up and pit on his headset. "Now you're on in thirty."

I took a sip from my water bottle and turned to my right to see Adrienne. She gave me a smile but something told me she regretted last night too. But not in the way that I did, like she really regretted it.

"Fifteen, fourteen..." I could hear the crowd buzzing in my earpiece.

"Good luck.", said Adrienne as I neared the entrance to the stage. I gave her a smile to show I appreciated her encouraging me. I really did. People assumed that since I did so many shows, I was used to it by now. To be honest, I still got nervous before a show and it was nice to have someone cherrig me on. This was the first show I had since I hired Adrienne and having her her calmed me down.

"Five, four, three, two, one..."

I got on stage and felt the familiar heat of the lights shining on me and heard the crowd cheering as I started to sing.

"Sigo aqui

A pesar de lo malo

De ese oscuro pasado

siempre estoy junto a ti..."

*Adrienne's POV*

Royce's sweet voice sounded throughout the stadium. He had seemed a little nervous before but on stage he seemed at home, at peace. It was nice seeing him like that because I knew he was super stressed this morning. I overheard him arguing on the phone with Sergio. Royce had never told me directly, but I knew that Sergio had filled a lawsuit against him over a year ago because he had breached his contract with Top Stop Records, which Sergio owned.

It sucked having to see Royce acting like he was okay when they had to write songs together and knowing there was all this pent up tension between them. I was going to suggest to him that he should try writing without the help of Sergio and he might be able to come up with more songs but I didn't want to talk to him about it so much since it was a sensitive subject.

I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket and saw I had another text from Antonio. I felt guilty right away because I had never exactly thought of a way to reply to his first text. I hoped he didn't think I was ignoring him because that wasn't my intention.

I read the message.

I know you're probably busy as hell right now so if you don't reply its okay. I just wanted to make sure you were doing alright and you were safe. I know I already asked you this morning so I hope its alright

The fact that he was checking up on me was so cute. I felt guilty that I had pretty much gone ghost on him.

no, it's fine. I appreciate the concern a lot.   its sweet of you to ask.

I sent my reply hoping I didn't sound like i was conceded or unappreciative. Antonio was really a sweet guy and now that I thought about it, I was beginning to miss him.

"Soy incondicional

Un amor tan real."

Royce finished up Incondicional and moved on to the next song Las Cosas Pequeñas.

"Tu sonrisa, tu carita, tu forma de ser

Precio no tiene..."

Hearing his voice made it hit me. I had slept with this guy last night. The guy I used to fangirl over for years.

My phone vibrated again and then my heart practically dropped into the pit of my stomach. I had slept with Antonio too, I realized. The thought was in the back of my mind last night but now it was really sinking in.

I read Antonio's reply.

Glad you're doin alrightyou better actually be having fun down there like I told you . lol

If only he knew, I thought. And that's when I realized the true severity of the situation.

The old Adrienne was trying to come out to play when I thought I had killed her off a long time ago. I was so disappointed in myself, I felt like crying.


This ☺ chapter ☺ sucked ☺

I'm sorry guys this was just a transition chapter.

People have been asking me who the characters are based on so I guess I'll tell you since the chapter sucked lol.

Adrienne- She basically me except I don't have a kid lol.

Antonio- This kinda self-centered but extremely cute guy who is Twitter famous lmao

Omar- My friend

Abuela- My abuela lol

Royce- well...

so yeah, that was pointless but it was a frequently asked question.

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