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If you haven't read it, there is an Epilogue as well for you to enjoy! One last chapter right before this!


So, Fever Blood is done.

It took me years to write, posting a chapter a week. I started with no writing discipline, no idea where the characters would go, no clue about worldbuilding or other ancillary skills necessary to write an epic fantasy novel.

And in the past few years, this book has taught me how to write. It's helped me go through rough patches, and done so much more. And do you know what part of this whole experience helped?


I had written a novel before this, and had no drive to finish it. But you, my fans and readers, pushed me on. You made me responsible for getting the weekly chapter out there on time. You gave me kind compliments, gave me votes and encouragement. You even did artwork for me, some of you! And for that, I'm eternally grateful.

To my fans and readers, I thank God for you finding me, and sticking with my book through all this.

Fever Blood: The Origin Story

Fever Blood came about in a bit of an odd way. I had drawn a picture of a random muscular dragon barbarian warrior (Conan the Argonian, as I've jokingly referred to it to those who play Skyrim). It was a cool design, and I decided to write a story about him, kind of in the vein of the venerable Robert E. Howard (the author of the Conan stories, inventor of the sword-and-sorcery genre, among other things). A bit longer, maybe a novella. And, among other things, I upgraded the dragon-warrior's wardrobe, so that instead of the Conan the Barbarian standard outfit (a loincloth, sandals, and a massive sword), the character had trousers and a cloak.

I named him Laidu.

My original idea was to write a novella. However, once I introduced Skaria (a character I had come up with before), it expanded to a short novel. Once I introduced Kazalibad the Avaricious, I was sure that this would take a while (I was right about that).

I read through the Wheel of Time, and enjoyed the first few books. They bled in, and I didn't do much worldbuilding.

So, the story can be traced back to a drawing, which I unfortunately have lost.

Future Projects

I have decided (for reasons given later on) decided that, for now, I will not be putting up other material on Wattpad, due to a piracy concern. For my future projects, you'll need to go sign up for my mailing list here at (also an external link at the end of this chapter), where, after waiting a few seconds, the form to subscribe both to my mailing list (on top) and the blog itself (below/ also on the side, not just on the popup) should pop up. Stay there to keep in touch. I'll be sending out semi-regular newsletters keeping you all abreast on my latest projects. 

So, what am I up to?

Well, I'm going to be published in a pulp revival magazine, Astounding Frontiers, running a serial science fantasy (more like fantasy in space) novel called Daughter of Sol. It's got space princesses who are descended from stars, lizard aliens with strange, faster than light void magic, starships, sun-dragons, and all sorts of other stuff! 

I'm working on another science fantasy space opera story (though this is closer to science fiction than fantasy) entitled An Alchemy of Stars, about a young woman named Elya Khatal who discovers she is an ouranoalchemist, a space-alchemist with strange, hyper-real powers. And when there appears to be something that is devouring planets, she has to step in to protect her home. 

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