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The Dragon Keeper (HTTYD2 x Reader Story) RE-CONTINUED!!! by KiwiGirl140
The Dragon Keeper (HTTYD2 x Reader...by KiwiGirl140
At the age of four Y/n was taken by a Shadow fury to the Dragon Sanctuary where she discovered she could understand dragons. From then on she would be raised by dragons...
  • dragonkeeper
  • eretsonoferet
  • halfdragon
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Fever Blood by Halcyon15
Fever Bloodby Corey
When Laidu, a half-human, half-dragon Ranger, rescues a mysterious girl from slavers, he doesn't know it but he's in for a world of trouble. Teaming up with an insane sc...
  • magic
  • fighting
  • dragon
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Tord x Half-Dragon reader by Shadow_Ketten
Tord x Half-Dragon readerby Shadow_Ketten
I'm completely obsessed with anything and everything about "How 2 Train Your Dragon" so now theres this breakdown of story: the events of The End have happened...
  • tord
  • wattys2019
  • hashtag
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Crazy - NaLu by TurdNugget_Dragneel
Crazy - NaLuby Klaudia
  • halfdragon
  • neko
  • lucyheartfilia
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Not Your Average Fairy Tail (GaLe) by cleverwolf246
Not Your Average Fairy Tail (GaLe)by Wolf
This is an abnormal Gajeel x Levy fanfiction. When coming to Magnolia for the first time, Gajeel didn't know what to expect. He was half dragon, half human (although at...
  • notyouraveragefairytail
  • levy
  • fairytail
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Half Dragon of the Lone Star  (Akatsuki no Yona Fanfic) by Lucid_Haze_8
Half Dragon of the Lone Star (Aka...by Seeingularity
Everyone is here or so they think. Four dragons are with Yona but what if there is a fifth dragon? What if they were to find this fifth dragon? A half dragon is hidde...
  • akatsukinoyona
  • halfdragon
  • mystery
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Impossible (HTTYD FANFIC) by adragondreamer
Impossible (HTTYD FANFIC)by adragondreamer
A How to Train Your Dragon Hybrid fanfiction. "Hiccup was not looking good. His face was pale, his lips the same colour as his skin. He blinked slowly and tried sha...
  • fanfic
  • action
  • httyd
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The Goddess of Death's Son by Yadryz
The Goddess of Death's Sonby Yadry Zeranova
Dessyr, the son of two poor commoners who has no magical abilities, is fighting as a soldier for the human kingdom, Vessaga, in a war against the kingdom of the beastkin...
  • romance
  • halfdragon
  • angel
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Red Viper and the Kingdom of Blood by TheRealDesastr
Red Viper and the Kingdom of Bloodby Desastr
Sambuca isn't human... Despite her venom-green eyes and teeth all ground sharp, she has convinced herself that she is something she's not. Eventually, her past begins t...
  • dragonfantasy
  • fighting
  • adventure
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The Scaly Boy (G #3) by AwsomeDragons
The Scaly Boy (G #3)by jay
The 'Gifted' Trilogy Book Three Tyler hates when people keep secrets from, he hates it even more when they try to control him. Tensions are high after on of their member...
  • plot
  • fiction
  • laboratory
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You are not the only one HTTYD (HiccupXHalf-DragonReaderXToothless) by SiNLordZ
You are not the only one HTTYD (Hi...by SiNLordZ
There is dragon in Berk... But what if there is ... A half-dragon and a half-human... A white night fury who all human want to kill if they met you and the dragon will...
  • toothless
  • hiccupxhalf-dragonreader
  • hiccup
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Scales and Tails by KookiewithSweetTae
Scales and Tailsby KookiewithSweetTae
Normally, moving was seen as a bad thing. But for Gavriel Hornsbee, it's the best thing that ever happened to him. Moving out of his abusive dad's home and in with his f...
  • teenfiction
  • halfdragon
  • halfdemon
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Hiccups sister the dragon hybrid  by Trinitybazan
Hiccups sister the dragon hybrid by Trinity Bazan
What happens when hiccup and his team find a new cave? What about when they find a girl that lives with dragons with a dark secret to hide? Read to find out.
  • sister
  • dragons
  • halfdragon
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A Dragon's Fate by JenniferTjandrajana
A Dragon's Fateby Jennifer Tjandrajana
Raised on Serpent's Stone, Aria is a halfling; part human, part dragon hybrid, who has always been curious of the human world. When an injured dragon shows up, claiming...
  • fate
  • fantasy
  • tragedy
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Freedom in its Richest Form by djz3nyth
Freedom in its Richest Formby Dj Z3nyth
Hiccup, the runt of Berk, finds out something about himself that changes how he sees the world...and the form which he experiences it in. After an chance encounter with...
  • gobber
  • hybrid
  • halfdragon
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Immorals Stories And Extras by a-sadtin_can
Immorals Stories And Extrasby A Sad Tin Can
Some extras and short stories that kinda go with it..... a bit. Some are Canon, some not. Scenes from different povs, commentary, etc.
  • differentdimensions
  • woodelf
  • longlost
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Dancing with Dragons: Beneath the Willow by SaraHogan84
Dancing with Dragons: Beneath the...by Sara Hogan
What conflicts would arise if you were in love with the son of your enemy? Samara Callahan has been training for most of her teenage life. She is a member of a small gro...
  • shiptravel
  • youngadult
  • dragonshifter
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Dragons by ella180708
Dragonsby ella180708
This my book on me being a dragon.
  • halfdragon
  • halfhuman
  • itshard
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The girl who was raised by Dragons( a HTTYD story) by sirabooks
The girl who was raised by Dragons...by sirabooks
a girl trapped in a fishing net, barely able to breathe was suddenly pulled from the water and she gasps almost desprate for breath and she starts coughing slowly recove...
  • halfdragon
  • hiccstrid
  • raisedbydragons
The Death God's Rebirth by Yadryz
The Death God's Rebirthby Yadry Zeranova
Sequel to The Goddess of Death's Son It has been only a few days since Dessyr found himself in the Infernal Forest. Faced with countless enemies and a path filled with m...
  • darkangel
  • fantasy
  • romance
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