Heyy Chapter one of 'The Bad Boy's Tutor' I hope you enjoy it(:


||Lacey Matthews||

"You wanted to see me?" I asked, nervously stepping into the Princapal's office.

"Oh, yes. Please take a seat Miss Matthews," she said, gesturing towards the seat in front of her desk. I sat my backpack at the side of my seat before sitting down and crossing my legs over and setting my hands on my lap.

"You're not in trouble, I just need your help with some tutoring stuff," a wave of relief washed over me and I nodded. I'm the top of all my classes so I guess thats why she picked me.

"The student you'll be tutoring is a senior, just like you. He's been having some trouble with his Maths lately, and since you're the top in every class, I thought you'd be the best person to tutor him."

Mrs Lockheart's door opened and I turned to see who had walked in. My eyes widened at who had just walked into the room. Gavin Rinaldi. Oh god, please no.

"Lacey Matthews, this is Gavin Rinaldi, the boy you'll be tutoring." Gavin took his seat beside me and propped his feet up onto Mrs Lockheart's desk.

"Mr Rinaldi, please take your feet off my desk," Gavin rolled his eyes and didn't move at all. Mrs Lockheart sighed, "I don't want you giving Miss Matthews any trouble, is that understood?" Mrs Lockerheart asked in a stren voice. "Yea, whatever." Gavin muttered causing Mrs Lockheart to shake her head and smile at me, "you're both dismissed."

I smiled and picked up my backpack and I headed out of her office and into the empty hallway. Gavin is the bad boy of Parkland High School. He wears leather jackets, rides a motarcycle, fights a lot, he's totally oblivious and thinks he rules the school. Gavin and his friends, Will and Christain, are the most badass boys in this entire school.

"Where did you disappear to during 4th period?" my best friend, Hanna asked. "I was in the princapal's office," Hanna raised her eye brow as we walked into the cafeteria. "Why where you in there?" my other best friend, Gwen asked, getting into the lunch line and looking at what was for lunch.

"Well, I found out I'm tutoring someone in maths." Hanna nodded, "Oh, fun! Who are you tutoring?" I gulped. "Gavin Ranaldi," Hanna gasped and turned to me, "holy fudgeballs!" Gwen yelled, causing a few people to stare.

"That was my reaction too, now move. You're next." Hanna,Gwen and I got our lunch and sat at our usual lunch table.

"I can't believe you're tutoring Gavin Rinaldi!" Hanna said, taking a bite of her salad. Gwen nodded, "he's such a bad boy and- and he's coming this way!"

My eyes widened and I dropped onto the floor and crawled underneath the table. "Please don't see me, please don't see me," I whispered.

"Hey there," Will said, crouching down and smirking at me. "Haha.. Hi," I blushed and crawled out from underneath the table, but not before banging my head on it though.

I stood up rubbing the lump that was currently forming on top of my head. Christian and Will chuckled at my clumsiness.

"Looks like we have the Princess of clumsiness tutoring you," Will smirked. I blushed and looked down at my feet. "Meet me in the library after school and we'll start the tutoring. Don't be fucking late," Gavin sneered.

Gavin walked away, leaving me stunned at how rude he was. I sat back down and looked at my two friends, "he's a dickhead," Hanna scoffed. Gwen and I nodded in agreement and we got our stuff and headed to class early.

"What does this even mean?" Hanna groaned, referring to the worksheet Mrs Malarkey had just given out. Gwen snorted, "look who's late again!" I glanced up to see Will,Gavin and Christian walking in.

"No surprise there," Hanna laughed. Gavin's eyes scanned the room until his eyes found mine. Gavin looked away first, causing me to blush and look down at my worksheet and pretend that I'm oh so interested in algebra.

"He's just.. ugh! You know? ugh!" I yelled, slamming my locker. "What did he do this time?" Hanna asked. "During algebra, he threw a pencil at my head and tried to distract me by pinging rubber bands at me," Hanna and Gwen giggled. "Ok, so I have some information on the bad boy crew," Hanna said. That's Hanna for you.

If you ever need any information then Hanna is the one you should go to. "Do tell," I said, in a very posh voice.

"Christian is always flirting, dating a new girl everyday practically and.. you know.. doing it with them,"

So pretty much humping and dumping.

"Will, he's a total sweetheart! He's the most caring bad boy you'll ever meet, he's never had a girlfriend and he's always making people laugh,"

Awe, I like the sound of him.

"Gavin, he's a total jerk, he's the most rudest bad boy you'll ever meet and he never takes any notice of girls,"

So.. Maybe he's gay?

"Well, we all knew that!" Gwen said. " I didn't," I muttered, causing Gwen to sigh. "That's because you're a goodie goodie and you never want to talk about other people," I narrowed my eyes at her and Hanna giggled. The bell went off, signalling home time.

Oh crap. The time of day I've been dreading since I found out I'd be tutoring Gavin. Hanna and Gwen hugged me and wished me good luck. I took a deep breath and looked around. Everyone had left already. I made my way towards the school library and looked inside.

There he was, sitting at one of the study tables, feet propped up onto the table, acting as if he didn't have a care in the world.

God, I wish I could act like that.


That's probably the longest chapter I've written. Ever. Anyways, I hope you enjoyed this chapter! Picture of Lacey to the side!

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