Part 21~Matesprits~All three

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~This one is a lemon. If you don't want all three, I suggest reading one of the three choices before.~

______'s P.O.V.

I sat with them, on the other side of Karkat and hugged him. "I'm sorry." He sniffled and buried his head in my neck. "Have you thought about it?" He mumbled quietly but I still heard him. "Yeah, but why can't have all three of you... I mean, is it not okay? Does it have to be part of the quadrants?" I felt a light blush on Karkat's face. "Who 2ay2 you can't have all three of u2?" Sollux smirked.

"I don't know if it does have to be part of the quadrants..."

"Humans don't need quadrants, do they, sis?" I shook my head. "No. But I just wanted to just... I don't know... but can we try it?" Sollux and Karkat just shrugged but Gamzee was daydreaming. I guess he went out of it after he asked the question. I let go of Karkles and sat on Gam's lap. "Oh, hey sis. When'd you get here?" I chuckled and layed back on him. "Can you all agree not to try to kill eachother over me?" They all nodded. "Okay... then I guess you all are my matesprits."

~Part 2 coming tomorrow or tonight... either one.~

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