Part 6~Gamzee~LEMON!! part 2

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~Trigger warnings everywhere!!~

"G-Gam... a-ahhh!" He thrusted one last time, spilling his warm purple liquid inside of me. We layed there breathing heavily. I nuzzled into his chest and he kissed my head. "W-will you be my motherfucking matesprit?" I snuggled into his chest a bit more. "I don't know Gam... I don't think I should be.. we just kinda met today..(and even though we just had sex.) Maybe we should get to know eachother more. I'm sorry if yo-" I felt warmth on my lips and then it go away. "You're starting to motherfucking sound like Kankri. It's okay sis. I understand." He hugged me tight and smiled his signature smile.

~argh... sometimes I have no motivation to write lemons....~

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