Part 24~Matesprits~All Three~ Final

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~Yep the final part!~

____'s P.O.V.

"K-karkat?" He sighed. "I might as well." He unclipped my bra and slipped it off of me. He kissed me again and snaked his hand into my underwear. I gasped at the feeling of his cold hand rubbing against my warm womanhood. He smirked as Gamzee started to slip off my underwear, showing me dripping a bit when Karkat moved his hand. "It 2eem2 like you're ready." Sollux ran his hand down my back and Gam moved me to where his legs were inbetween mine. He quickly slid off his pants without moving me and Sollux did the same. Karkat just sat there for a second but followed after. Gamzee positioned himself at the entrance of my womanhood and Sollux and Karkat were sharing my ass. Gam shoved himself in me without warning and Sollux shoved both his bulges in at the same time as Karkles. I held my breath and screamed in my head at the pain. I dug my nails into Gamzee's shoulders, making him moan a bit. He kissed me as he slid fully in. Once they all were in they started to thrust at the same time. Out of all their moans and groans of pleasure, I was the loudest. The closer they got to climax the faster they went, making me scream a bit. A few thrusts later we all reached climax and all of our cum mixed together in a colorful liquid. After the full feeling left I collapsed onto Gam's chest. "You motherfuckin enjoy this, sis?" I nodded. "Eheheh maybe thi2 could happen again 2ometime." I blushed. *This is going to be a fun matespritship!* I smiled and slowly fell asleep.

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