Part 5~Gamzee~LEMON!!!

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~If y9u don't want t9 read a69ut Gamzee screwing y9u and it triggers y9u, y9u may skip this and the next 9ne part after this 6ecause this is g9ing t9 6e split int9 tw9 parts.~

I turned back fully around to see him still awake and smiling. "W-What is that?!" I quickly whispered. He nodded his head, motioning me to look down. I slowly uncovered us from the blanket so I could see in the moonlight. I looked down to see a tentacle like thing rubbing against me. I squeaked and tried to back away some but he was holding me tightly. "Whoa sis, no need to be scared. I guess you're not motherfucking used to seein' bulges." He lightly kissed me and after awhile I got into the kiss as well. He licked my bottom lip asking for entrance and I gladly let him dominate my mouth. He slowly pulled off my underwear and his bulge squirmed inbetween my legs. I moaned at the contact of his warm bulge against me and threw my head back a little exposing my neck. He licked and kissed at it until he found my spot. I moaned quieter remembering Sollux was in the room. His bulge prodded my entrance. "Are you ready, sis?" he asked nuzzling my neck. I nodded and put my leg on his thigh and let him stuff it in me. We both groaned with pleasure. After awhile of letting me get used to being stretched, I finally signaled him to thrust. He started slowly and gained speed with every few thrusts.

~2orry 2o 2hort maybe awhile before the next update cause I have a bit of writer's block.~

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