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The little girl sat alone in the street, snow covering the streets and trees surrounding her in a blank white sheet. Her short brown hair tickled her cheeks as her eyes watered, before the little girl could control it, tears ran down her flushed cheeks with hiccuped breaths.

"Why are you crying?" A boy asked her, dark hair, almost green, and amethyst eyes stared at her.

She looked up at him and snuffled quietly, "I-I'm lost, I can't find Tohru-san anywhere."

"Tohru Honda?" He asked.

The little girl nodded slowly.

"Who are you then?"

"My name is Hinata... Honda."

"Her sister then.l

"Adopted sister." She murmured solemnly. "Who are you?"

"My name is Megumi Hanajima." He kneeled in front of her. "Nice to meet you Hinata."

They stared at each other for a moment, glittering brown eyes and mystical amethyst.

She broke off into a tiny smile, "Nice to meet you Hanajima-san."

"Call me Megumi." He helped her up.

"Thank you Megumi-san."

"Drop the honorific, we're the same age." He sighed.

She nodded slightly, and held tightly to his hand as he led her back to where he knew Tohru was. Calling out in the park frantically while her mom searched everywhere.

He glanced back and smiled at the hopeful look on her face.

When they arrived at the park he stopped and she looked at him confused.

"Your sister is by the swing set over there." He pointed.

"Thank you!" She teared up and hugged him tightly.

"It's no problem." He flushed and backed away.

"Are you my friend now Megumi?" She asked curiously.

He looked at her oddly before stepping back. "I don't think that's s good idea."

"Oh..." Hinara blushed in embarrassment and looked away.

"It's because I'm weird." Megumi said slowly.

"I don't care..." she murmured. "You're really nice Megumi."

He flushed red and looked away. "You're too nice and pretty to be around me."

Hinata blushed at that and looked down. "I think I'd rather be around Megumi than the others."

Megumi stared at her for a moment, before he cracked and nodded.

She beamed and tackled him in a hug, slowly he felt a warm smile slip onto his face as he held the girl that smelled of sunflowers and cinnamon.

That night, he prayed they would be together forever or as long as she wanted him.

And for almost 10 years, it was just them.

Hinata and Megumi.

Megumi and Hinata.

Best friends.

One sided crush

One viewed as brother and sister.

And then, Momiji came.

Megumi woke up with a start, heart in his throat, and panic on his face before relaxing and cursing himself for living in the past.

Yet the bitter pain stayed and hugged his pillow to his chest.

He was there before Momiji.

He was her best friend before Momiji.

He was in love with her before Momiji.

So why?

Why did she love him?

Megumi didn't detest Momiji, far from it, Momiji was his friend.

But sometimes, he couldn't help the burning pain in his throat as he watched them stare at each other as if they were the world. To see her long for him. To see him be replaced.

"Damn." Megumi chuckled breathlessly as tears ran down his face.

"Damn I miss her." He whispered to the lonely night with no one to listen but his own broken heart.

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