Heart Beat

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"Now would be a good time to start if you ever want to act on your emotions." -Hinata Honda

"Momiji, I told you I'm fine." Hinata said softly, sitting up in bed was obviously a struggle for her but she stayed up determinedly.

"Your heart stopped." Momiji choked out, feeling a painfully familiar feeling.

He remembered being in the same position, 4 years ago. They had gone to make a New Years wish, and he'd almost lost everything he wanted.

"It happens often. This really isn't that big of a deal." Hinata smiled, trying to cheer him up.

"You were almost gone, and I wasn't even here." The unspoken 'again' hung in the air.

"Momiji it was only for a minute, at most. Really, I'm fine."

Momiji looked away, feeling like a child again but looked up when he heard her chuckle.

"What?" He asked gloomily.

"I just find it really sweet how much you care. We barely met and you are this upset. It's really cute."

That's not true.

I've known you since we were in middle school.

I saw you sitting under a tree and I sat with you.

I watched you slowly become more confident.

Hesitant to bold, quiet to sarcastic.

I've seen you cry.

I've seen you hurt.

I've seen you happy.

I've seen you laugh.

I had to look up to you when we first met, then I began to slowly surpass your once unreachable height.

I saw you as a friend.

To a best friend.



First love.

We didn't just meet.

But you're right, I do care.

I'll never stop caring.

A pink flush rose on his cheeks as he frowned (pouted) at her. "I'm not cute. I'm cool."

Hinata laughed at that. "Yes, I know. Cool guy with leather and sunglasses."

"That was just a few months, gosh!" Momiji blushed harder.

"Being cute isn't bad you know? A lot of girls would kill for a guy like you. I bet you already have a list that are tracking me down."

Momiji immediately paled.

"Ayaka and Hikari Shino." He whimpered.

"That's... oddly specific- They're in the window aren't they?" Hinata paled.

Momiji slowly nodded as she turned around and bit her lip to keep from screaming.

In the window stood two girls. One with black hair and rare blue eyes, the other with black hair and brown eyes. Both stared lustfully a Momiji who screamed.

"Go away!"

"Prince Momiji-sama." They cooed, "We brought you gifts."

"I'M GOING TO CALL THE POLICE!" He yelped fearfully.

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