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"Are you sure you are well enough to go to school?" Momiji hovered over the shorter girl. She laughed and pushed him away.

"I'm fine. If I stay in a bed a minute longer, I'm going to go stir crazy!"

A tiny smile peeked at Momiji before he relaxed. "Your brother is going to be pretty upset."

"Well he can suck a lemon." She huffed, absently rubbing at her wrist.

Momiji smiled pleasantly as he inwardly fist pumped.

"So exams are coming up." Hinata hummed.

Momiji paled, "Shit."

Hinata peeked at him with a raised eyebrow. "Are you worried?"

"Um... worried may be a bit of an exaggeration. Acceptance of defeat is a bit closer to the truth. Or perhaps pre-mourning is the term I'd use." Momiji grumbled.

"You're that bad at testing?" Hinata frowned.


"Okay. I can help you."

"Huh?" Momiji blinked.

"I said I'd help you. I mean I won't help you cheat, but I'll help you study. Being home schooled lets you study intensely." She smiled before flinching, "Ah, if you want my help that is."

"Would you? Please?" He begged.

"Sure." She grinned and grabbed his wrist. "Let's go. We're going to be late."

Momiji pouted and allowed her to drag him forward to hell on earth.

🌻 💬🌻 💬🌻 💬🌻💬🌻💬🌻💬🌻💬

"Hello Megumi." Hinata smiled at the tall dark haired boy.

Megumi visibly relaxed and a small smile crept onto his face. "Hello Hinata, how are you feeling?"

"Less like Yuki's cooking." She joked, wrangling a snort out of Momiji.

Megumi raised an eyebrow at the closer proximity between the two and swallowed down the jab of pain that came with it.

"Hey Momiji, isn't your class staring soon? You're going to be late." He commented offhandedly.

Momiji paled and looked at him pathetically, "Megumi..." he whimpered.

"Prince Momiji-sama." An eerie call interrupted him making Momiji scream and run out of the room.

Hinata laughed and Megumi smiled as the others students peeked out the door curiously.

"Are you sure you are feeling okay to be back at school Hinata?" Megumi asked after a moment.

"I'm fine, honestly, Momiji and yourself are such worrywarts." She teased before adding a quiet, "But, it's nice to know people care about me."

"You have literally no idea." Megumi grimaced a smile as Hinata eyed him curiously.

"Anyway, did I miss anything big while I was gone?"

"Ai cheated on Dai, Mai slapped Kai, and Nai got together with Rai." Megumi smiled faintly.

Hinata's laughed, "What's with those names?"

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