Rats and Rabbits

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Yuki Sohma was charming, handsome, and kind. He was the boy every sweet girl wants to marry, have 2 kids, live in a 2 story house with a picket fence, and a puppy everyone loved.

He was the school prince back in his high school days.

Today he was a traveler.

As a child he was locked away inside of a little room forced to endure abuse, cruelty, and at times even insanity.

Life didn't get much better until he was freed.

Akito, feeling guilty about everything she had done, convinced her family to give him traveling cards.

France, Italy, Germany, America, even Russia.

He visited them all at one point.

Yuki would visit one every 3 months for a month at a time.

After years of being confined and trapped, traveling was like a drug he could never get off of.

Today Yuki Sohma has visited 5 countries and 32 states. He lost his over politeness due to the rat being set free but still kept that polite and proper aura.

So why did he forget all of this in the blink of an eye as soon as a pretty girl smiled at him?

Hinata blinked at his flustered appearance. All she asked was how traveling was...

"Are you feeling sick too?" She asked in concern, why else would he get flustered? Asking about traveling was hardly flirting.

"Ah no, I'm sorry Hinata-san. Traveling is very exciting. The sites and cultures are all interesting." Yuki shook his head and smiled kindly.

Hinata's eyes sparkled as she unconsciously tiptoed to even out their heights.

Yuki bit back a chuckle at her childish behavior.

"Really? What does Italy look like? I've always wanted to visit." She trailed off, longing in her voice.

"It's amazing. I really do recommend visiting it one day..." He trailed off.

"Yeah, I studied the language and everything!" She said cheerfully.

"You know Italian?" He asked, looking bewildered.

"Italian, English, German, and Japanese of course." She said with an affirmative nod.

"That's...that's amazing." He said in awe.

"Not really." Hinata blushed, "I've had a lot of free time." She smiled hesitantly.

"Don't underestimate your achievements Hinata-san." Yuki said gently.

Hinata blushed harder and thanked the older male.

Momiji found this the appropriate time to interrupt.

"Hiiiinaaaataaaaa." He whined, from the doorway. "I don't feeeeeel gooood."

A worried gleam appeared in her eye as she reached up to touch his forehead. "You feel warmer than before..." She bit her lip in concern.

Momiji leaned heavily on her head with a halfhearted smug smirk.

"You can't steal her Purple Prince." He stuck his tongue out mockingly. "Heart Girl is mine~!" Momiji sang, half delirious from his fever.

"Oh shut up Bunny Boy." She rolled her eyes, not noticing her choice of words, too focused on trying to get his arms off her head.

However, Yuki and Momiji heard quite clearly.

Momiji broke out into a pleased grin and hugged her head tighter. "I love you Hiiiinataaa." He drawled.

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