Every Part

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I can't help but wonder how many things he hides. I have the strong urge to meet every single part of him. To show him that I'm not ready to ever deny him whatever he needs. I wanted to meet every part of him and accept him for who he is. I knew it would take time. I knew it would take even years. But, I would wait as long as it would take.
-Hinata Honda

Hinata was awoken by the sound of a shrill yelp that sounded as if a child had touched a fire.

She quickly stood up and threw her hair back in a messy bun, and pulled on a robe before hurrying out into the kitchen.

What she found could only be expressed as something absolutely hilarious.

Poor Momiji Sohma stood in the kitchen in a frilly yellow robe, cradling his slightly red hand as a smoking pile of unrecognizable food stunk up the kitchen.

Hinata couldn't hold back a little giggle of surprised delight and his head shot up as he turned red in embarrassment.

"H-Hinata!" He stuttered, blushing red. "W-Why are you awake?"

"I heard a little boy scream." She said, still laughing.

He turned a darker shade of red as she pulled out some ointment and bandages.

"I-I-ah..what I mean to say is...! Dang this is hard-Ouch!" He whined and pouted as she carefully rubbed the cream.

"Oh don't be a baby." She teased lightly, slowly wrapping his hand.

"I-I...thank you." He murmured, bright as a tomato.

Hinata raised an eyebrow as she finished wrapping her hand, she pulled an ice pack out of the freezer and gently laid it on his hand, "It's fine, this is good practice for when I study to become a doctor."

"You still want to be a doctor?" He blurted.

"Still?" Hinata questioned with a confused look on her face.

Oops. Momiji thought with a barely surprised wince.

"Ah sorry, slip of the tongue." He laughed cheerfully.

Hinata nodded at this, confusion leaving her face.

Momiji breathed a sigh of relief and smiled sweetly, "I wanted to thank you for taking care of me when I was sick. I know I was pretty delirious and hard to take care of."

Hinata smiled back, "No problem, Yuki helped a lot. And he also gave me some pretty interesting stories."

"Huh?" Momiji tilted his head and blinked.

"Oh nothing." She hummed.

Momiji shrugged and turned to the blackened once was food.

"This time, I'll cook breakfast." Hinata grinned with bright eyes as he agreed sheepishly.

Just as he was about to walk out of the kitchen,

"So sunglasses and leather huh?"



"Sohma." A harsh voice called out as Momiji walked from his class, he raised an eyebrow at the brunette who stood 2 inches shorter, smirking at the obviously annoyed male who glared with glowing green eyes.

"Yes Hayashi?" Momiji asked in an bored voice.

"You...you've been living with her." He spat viciously.

"Hm my memory seems to have been a bit selective. Who is living with me?" He smirked.

"Hinata, you bastard!"

"Oh yes, problem?"

"Don't get comfortable you stupid rabbit. For now, just for now before we hightail it out of this place. It took you a year to get her to fall for you, now you only have 5 months. Who will win?" Hideaki snarled.

"If you cared about Hinata at all you wouldn't be doing this." Momiji glared.

"You really want to talk about this rabbit? You have a curse that can't even let you hug her. I'm saving her from future heartache, what are you doing?" Was all he said before he stomped away.

Momiji stared at where he stomped away like a petulant child, feeling an ache in his chest. What was he doing? He didn't know if the curse really would break.

Didn't know if she even wanted to be with him.

So why was he doing this.

"Momiji!" A voice called, he turned to see a, similar looking to a certain asshole, brown haired female walking to him with a male with black hair.

"Lets eat together." She smiled.


That's why.

"Are you okay?" She asked in concern.

He's known her for a year, and still he discovers a new thing everyday.

"Yeah I'm fine." Momiji beamed.

He had a sudden urge to discover everything about her.

"You look weirdly determined." Megumi said bluntly.

To show her that he would accept every part of her, from weird quirks to health conditions.

"How is that weird?" Hinata laughed.

He knew it would take time.

"Yeah nothing about me is weird!"

He knew it would take months.

"No, I meant you always look weirdly determined to feel or do something." Hinata smiled.


"You're so mean Hina!"

He was willing to wait.

"Sorry Bunny Boy." She laughed, not realizing the slip but both Megumi and Momiji smiled in hope, hearing this.

He was willing to wait because,

"Lets go eat Heart Girl."

He loved her after all.

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