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Even when others said he was creepy, cursed, and bad news, she approached him with a smile.

He never found the words to convey how important she became to him or how to thank her for just being there.

Now he didn't know if ever would. But he would wait. He would wait as long as it would take.
-Megumi Hanajima

The lazy morning began with the sun rising, it's golden rays peeking into the land like a hesitant touch.

Deep into the forest sat a lonely cliff edge. Tall, thick bark stretched into the sky where green, drifting leaves swayed in time with the sweet smelling wind that held an aroma of morning dew.

The morning rays of light kissed the dark ground but never made it through the guarding walls of trees.

A place ignored and forgotten over time. One that held memories of joy, pain, secrets, and hope.

Would new memories be made there?

Or would the lingering memories simply fade away into nothing?


A brunette's fingers slowly worked together to sew a light blanket.

Around her was decorations that created a homey living room.

One picture of a ginger male with ruby eyes and the brunette with ocean blue eyes smiled warmly to the viewers.

Another held the lilac hair colored male with amethyst eyes blinking next to the couple with a raven haired man chuckling ditzily with his eyes closed in a kimono.

A couple more of a younger girl, approximately 16, with short orange hair that fell just above her shoulders with bright amber eyes smiled next to a boy around her age with sandy brown hair and dark brown eyes who scowled begrudgingly.

One held a blonde boy, a black/white head boy about 18, and a blonde girl about 7, who smiled slightly.

The final, single picture was obviously taken a while back. It had all of the previous pictures attendants with one extra.

Yuki was patting Haru's shoulder, who looked very pleased with himself, with a warm smile.

Tohru was chuckling with her eyes closed.

Kyo was giving Momiji a noogie with a tooth bearing grin as Momiji was whining and reaching out for help.

Shigure was in the back window running away from a woman.

And a girl was helping to pull Momiji out of Kyo's hands futilely.

The girl had short brown hair, whiskey colored eyes and a sunny smile.

The attendants in the picture didn't know this would be one of their last happy moments.

Of course they didn't.

How were they supposed to know the little brunette would die for cruel minutes and come to life again, only to have her memories taken and be shipped to America?

That Momiji would go into his house and never come out?

That Megumi would become clinically depressed?

That Tohru would lose her last family?

Tohru paused in her sewing as her hands shook with suppressed emotions that she bit down.

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