Chapter 3

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Can You Stay After Class?

Chapter 3


"Are you fucking serious," I whisper to myself as i hit my snooze button. I did not want to go to school today considering the incident that coincidently happened yesterday. I'm goin to have to face this akwardness between us considering i kissed my fucking teacher. The worst thing that im thinking about is that I really liked it and I wanted more of him... Well this sucks.

As I headed to the benches with the usual friends I notice Mr. Rogers sitting along a bench with Mrs. Reily, the math teacher, whispering in her ear while he rubs his hand on her thigh as she giggles. Do I actually feel jealous? As i stated that to my self I see Mr.Rogers kissing her cheek and her neck all while looking at me and the he winked at me and smirked onto her neck while she giggles once again. Two can play at this game. I get Rider's attention.

"Hey Rider, can I do something real quick?"

"Sure love. What do you need?"

As he came closer i quickley pulled him in for a kiss which he automatically reacted to and instantly connected with me. I can feel Mr.Rogers death glare on me as i slowly made out with Rider. As i pulled away slowly, I see the dorkiest smile on Riders face.

"I needed that," I said as a laughed and bit my lip.

"See, I knew you had a thing for me ever since sophmore year!"

"Oh, shutup!" as i said playfully but then i notice Mr.Rogers walking our way angrily.

"What do you think you're doing?"

"Aye mate I'm just being nice to my girlfriend," Rider says as he wraps his arm around me. Well shit...

"Well, the last time i checked, school rules state that students putting out displays of affection on campus gets detention and because this your lunch is next period, you will just serve it today," Then Mr.Rogers looks at me, "and as for you Lila, You will just get afterschool detention again."

"C'mon teacher that's no fair!" Rider sais as he slumps his shoulders.

" I'm sorry. Rules are rules," he said then walked away slowly.

'Are you fucking kidding me?' As i stated in my head. This is no fair! It's not my fault that he's jealous. Two can play at this game.


As I walk into his classroom, we exchange a set of glares towards eachother while he smirks at my instantly.

"Lila, I hope you know that you have detention again afterschool," he sais as everyone snickers quietly in class.

"No shit."

"No profanity on school grounds Lila!"

"Fine. Fine. I'm sorry Mr.Rogers," I say in a sarcastic tone.

He mumbled under his breath, "Your lucky I don't give you another detention."

"Whatever."I seriously don't know how I am going to handle this detention.


"So, how long do I have to frikin stay here?" I ask as I slouch back in my seat.

"Well, because you left your last detention early, your staying a little later," he sais crossing her arms.

"Oh joy..."

"Lila, why were you jealous this morning?"

"Are you serious Mr. Rogers? I wasn't jealous!" I really was jealous.

"First off, after school hours it's Noah," he said as he sits on the edge of my desk, "and second, i know you have feelings for me Lila. You blush everytime i smile at you," he sais as he laughs and rubs the back of his neck.

I start to feel the warmness on my cheeks. "Well if we're being honest here, maybe I was a little jealous. But were you?"

He inches his way closer to me, "I was very jealous this morning. I just wanted people to think i had a thing for someone else," He moves his lips to my ear, "But getting you jealous was just the icing on the cake." I feel his smile on my neck and then he starts kissing it slowly.

I whisper slowly, "But you have to admit it. you were jealous too."

"Like I said, I was very jealous. Better?"

"Better," as I say until i linger my fingers in his messy hair and pull him lightly so our lips could meet. He slowly moves me so we are now standing but his hands still on my waist and my arms around his neck. Our kiss automatically goes from slow to a deep passionate one. He pulls me up to carry me and I instantly wrap my legs around him. He plants me on his desk but we don't lose the connection of our lips. He licks my lower lip asking for and entrance. I let him in and we french kiss as he inches his hands under my shirt on my skin but just in contact with my lower torso. I slowly cup his cheek lightly and pull away the kiss, "Not today," as I bite my lip and smile at him, still having my legs around him.

"Oh Lila, such a tease," Mr. Ro-- I mean Noah sais while letting out a slight laugh and rests his forehead against mine. I never wanted this to end but sadly it was already time for me to leave.

"Do you need a ride?"

"Um it's fine. I can walk." My house from here was probably 3 miles or so away. And since my cousin crashed my car when she left a party, I didn't have a car. My mom usually dropped or picked me up.

"I insist. I'm not going to let a pretty girl like you roam the streets alone on a Friday night."


As we walk to the parking lot, I notice his car, an amazing ,blue Lamborghini that looked like it had came out of an expensive car commercial.

"This is your car?!"

"You like?"

"It's amazing!"

"Haha thanks, now get in," he stated while he chuckled slightly and opened the door for me.

We finally reach my house and I realize that my mom isn't even home yet. I check my phone to this revealing text.

Mom: can you get a ride from Angel? I'm working extra. Love you!

"So, no ones home..." Noah said as he smirks lightly at me.

"Don't get any ideas."

"Me? Never!" He states while putting his hand over his heart, "Want some company while your here?"

"Sure." I state softly.

Then we get out of his car and head inside.

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