Chapter 7

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I wake up to big , muscle arms cuddling me and i yawn to see Noah gazing into my eyes.

"Morning beautiful," he said while stroking my hair and smiling, "Wanna go out somewhere?"

"Sure," I say while smiling delightfully up at him as he kisses my forehead, "But I need clothes Noah..." Forgetting the fact that I'm at his house.

"Yea, we'll take a stop at your house first."


As i get in his car with his sweats and t-shirt, he starts the car and places his right hand on my thigh while I place my hand over his and putting my head on his shoulder. We get to my house and I quietly sneak into my room and get ready. Luckily it's Saturday and my mom is sleeping her heart away. I quickly put my hair in a messy bun, do my makeup, and slip some clothes on while i place Noah's clothes in my hamper. I get a text from Angel.

Angel: WHERE THE FUCK ARE YOU?! Rider just told me you HAVEN'T been at his fucking house?! Wtf is going on?!

I text her back as i'm walking back to Noah's car.

Me: Long story.. I promise i'll tell you me at my house tomorrow noon and i'll spill...

Angel: you better spill bitch k? luv u bye...


Ugh I had totally forgotten about this whole situation... Fuck what am I going to tell her.


After an hour of me practically sleeping in the car, we arrive at this little town called Whittier. We walked hand in hand along the boulevard as we went through the shops and he ended up buying me a snowglobe with a glass-made rose inside and on the bottom it was printed 'Forever and always'.

"Forever," he said while holding my hands and smiling.

I go on my toes and kiss his lips, "Forever."

We go to a fancy dinner to end the night.

"Lila..." He states while staring blankly at his food.


"We broke a law last night..." Crap I didn't even think of that.

"My birthday is in in a month it won't matter then."

"I know," he said while making a half smile.

I get home around ten o'clock and I knock out on the couch.
I wake up around to a loud knock on my door. I open to find Angel crossing her arms.

"Spill. Now!"

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