Chapter 11

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"Oh well nice to finally meet you." She was kind of shy but she eventually sat with us so we could eat.

"So Lila, how old are you." I tense up and look at Noah.

"It's ok. You don't have to lie," He says while grabbing my hand.

"Ok," I state as i look at everyone, "I'm seventeen. But, i am turning eighteen in a week from now."

"Honey we don't mind," Janet says while smiling at me. Angelica half-smiled occasionally but she mostly just stared at her food and twirling her fork into it. I wonder if she's ok.

"So sweetheart, has Mary come to bother lately?" Janet states while eating. Who the hell is Mary?

"No mother," He says then faces to me, "Mary is a crazy ex girlfriend of mind that won't leave me alone. We can talk more about her tomorrow but I don't want to ruin this night."

I grab his hand softly, "Okay." I didn't fully mind knowing about Mary but I had really hoped that she was now a moment of the past. Janet and Charles asked a lot more of conversation starting questions an when we had finished dinner we had watched a movie and I sat in between Noah and Angelica. Angelica seemed upset so I asked to see if she was ok. "Hey. Are you okay?"

"Yea. Well, not its not. I found that my 2-month long boyfriend had been cheating on me the whole time with this bimbo of a cheerleader. This honestly sucks and seeing you and my brother make me a little upset about how he was going to meet my parents but that's not going to happen anymore..."

"Hey it will get better," I grab her hand, "It always does." I give her a half smile and she does the same to me. Oh my god she would be perfect for Rider. They're bot sweet and sappy like that. I take this as a challenge.

"Thanks Lila. You seem good for my brother." She squeezed my hand and smiled. Even though she was sixteen and I was seventeen, she had the personality of a sweet little girl. She seems as if she's been through a lot. We continue to watch the movie until the ending. Angelica and I exchange numbers and text shortly during my car ride home.

Me: Hey i know you had just gotten out of a pretty tough relationship but... theres a friend i want you to meet. His name is Rider and trust me it doesn't have to be a date!

Angelica: Ok sure Is he cute? send a pic.

I send her a picture of him and i quickly get a respond from her.

Angelica: Omg yes!!!

Ugh they're going to be so cute together.


Noah and I decided to invite Angelica and Rider to the movies today. We decided to watch Divergent and it was amazing and little did i know, Rider and Angelica ended up to be perfect for each other! They started dating after our little get-together and i feel so accomplished right now! I decide to go back to Noah's place after to spend the night. Surprisingly my mom doesn't mind. First we had talked about Mary. His father gives her the name 'Scary Mary' which sometimes freaks me out. Noah told me about how she's basically stalked him throughout the time they've known each other and he also had told me that she had almost beaten the crap out his previous girlfriend. Great. Now that just makes me feel better...not! I decide for it not to panic me and relax. He hands me one of his big t-shirts to wear. We started cuddling in his bed as he's stroking my hair, "You know... Your birthday is in 6 days."

"I know Noah," i smile up at him, "Now what did you get me?"

He shakes his finger in front of my face and smirks, "Nope. I'm not going to tell until that exact day babe!"

"Fine." I laugh and she him smiling and gazing into my eyes, "What?"

"I just love you so much Lila and don't worry about Mary. I can deal with her."

"Okay. I love you too Noah." I kiss his forehead, "Now we should probably got to bed."

We ended up spooning until both of us had fell asleep. Let's hope that Mary is gone from Noah's life from now on.

[{ Hey guys!! Sorry this was super short but...OOH New character. and shes a CRAZY one! let me know in the comments on what you think! Love you all!-- sherri rose}]

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