Chapter 10

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Chapter 10

This is it. This is the night i meet Noah's parents. First, i have to get through school. I put on black jeans and a hollister top on.

"You can do this," I stated to myself while taking some deep breaths.

I walk through school only to find Ashley and her 'posse' walking up to me. I don't have time for this.

"What do you think you're doing with my guy?" she says while her little friends smirk behind her.

"What the hell are you talking about Ashley?"

"Mr. Rogers. Are you that fucking stupid? Back off of him! He's mine!"

"Relax i'm just there for tutoring."

"Yea...sure..." she said while glaring her eyes over at me then my friends walking up to us, "This is not over." She and her friends turn their backs to me and walk away. Fuck.


Tonight is the night. In a couple of minutes, I am going to meet Noah's parents. Noah had told me beforehand that his parents were more 'done up' than the average person. I decided to curl my hair and slip on this light blue dress. I put minimal makeup on because I wasn't all to excited about makeup like every other girl. I become startled to my mother yelling, "Lila there is a handsome man down here for you." God, she is so embarrassing.

"Coming!" I quickly re-check myself in the mirror and. Then head downstairs.

I go downstairs to find noah in a white dress shirt and black slacks, "Ready?" he says while assisting his arm for me so we could leave, "Your mother was telling me that we should have dinner with your family sometime."

"Sure," I say while smiling thoughtfully at him and my mother.

We head into his car and he holds my hand while driving, "Babe, don't be nervous," he states while smirking.

"You can tell?"

"Babe, your hand is shaking..." Dammit I didn't realize that! I take my hand away but he suddenly grabs it again and kisses it softly, "Don't worry. They're going to love you."

"I hope so..."

We arrive at Noah's parents house and it is HUGE!

"Holy crap! This house is huge!" Noah closes my opened jaw lightly then kisses me softly.

"I know. Now let's go." He smiles and we walk inside hand in hand together.

"Hi. You must be Lila."

"Yes. and you are?"

"Oh my bad dear. I'm Janet, Noah's mother and this is my husband Charles."

"Nice to finally meet you Lila." We all shake hands and they are so fancy. I was looking around without moving when I realize someone poking out of the corner. She walks out. She looks about my age and she was tall, thin and had dirty blonde hair.

"Oh I'm sorry. She's always shy at first I swear shes not like this. Honey! Why don't you come over here and say hi."

"Hi. I'm Angelica. Noah's sister."

[{ HEY GUYS! This is an early birthday present for one of my best friends Angelica who also reads this story!! HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAY GIRL! She is becoming a character in my story!^.^ Love you all-Sherri}]

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