Chapter 6

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"Are you absolutely sure?"

I stand and walk towards him slowly while gazing up and down at him,"Absolutely."

"Ok." He starts walking me backward to the bed. Holy crap... I'm really going to do this.


He starts to sensually kiss me from my neck down. He then starts to take his shirt off of me and I start to respond bye taking his shirt off. He's feeling my all over and starts nipping at my neck and gives me a hickey. We lay down still in lip contact and as he's on top of me, he moves his way down to my pants and underwear and pulls them down with his mouth. I then pull down his pants and boxers and wow...we're naked...and I don't feel creeped out. And his dick is huge but it's not like I can compare it to anything. He then starts to slip it in gently and there was the realization that i am no longer a virgin. And yes, I have been a virgin since senior year... It hurts but in a pain that i just keep wanting more. I start to moan loudly and he starts to moan after. He then moans loudly as he cums into me and then lays down next to me cuddling my naked body as i nuzzle into his chest. I'm actually really happy that this man was my first. Wow I really love this guy.

{[If you didn't read it, let me fill you in. They did the 'dirty deed' and the reader finds out that she was a virgin till that moment and she's happy that Noah was her first and she thinks she loves him^.^]}



"Yea Noah?"

"I haven't felt this way about anyone before..." he said inching towards my ear. "I think I love you."

"I love you too," I stated while smiling up at him.

He hugs me tight, "I love you more."

{[Hey guys sorry this is kind of short and sorry i'm not perfect at this writing thing...haha luv you all!!]}

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