Chapter 4

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Can You Stay After Class?

Chapter 4

As we headed upstairs we enter my room.

"Well my mom isn't going to be here for a while," I stated blankly.

"You want to go somewhere? It's only three and we can hang at the park out of town."

"I don't know..."

"C'mon it's Friday," he said while gripping my hands and making a pouty face.

"Ok," i said while chuckling, "But i have to shower... I had a lazy day at school today."

"Ok. I promise i won't peek," He sais as he winks and smiles at me.

"Ugh you better not."

I slip off my clothes and hop in the shower. I started to recall what had happened and then it hit me...Rider called me his girlfriend. Shit! At least it's Friday. I'll just deal with it tomorrow. I hop out the shower, wrap a towel around me, then open the door to see Noah holding a pair of one of my black lace underwear...

"Nice underwear," he said as he smiles at me and waves it in the air.

"Hey! Give that back!" I start to chase him around my room and finally snatch them back, only to realize im trapped in a corner where Noah grabs my hips over my towel and softly tackles me onto the bed. Then I end up on top of him.

"So, this towel..." He sais while placing his hand on my thigh. He kisses me softly, " Go get ready," he whispers softly and lets me go. I get ready quickly, put my hair in a bun, then headed out with him.

When we arrived at the park that was probably thirty-or so minutes away, Noah escorted me out and we walked hand in hand around the park. We then sat on a bench near this beautiful fountain and learned more about eachother.

I had found out that Noah has a sister around 19(just 2 years older than me) named Reily. He also has an interest of writing and Poetry which is why he took the profession of teaching. I had told him about me being an only child, my interest in Poetry, and my past with my Father leaving us. Last time I have spoken with him was before he left to go to Florida with his new bimbo of a wife who he cheated my mother with. Her name is Bambi and she is a twig with Botox. But I'm happy that my mom isn't with him anymore. They weren't really happy together. After talking we just sat and enjoyed the view of the light posts. His arm was around me while i was cuddling in his chest and our other hands linking with eachother with a few kisses here and there.

"We should get going or it's goin to get late, unless you want to spend the night at my place," He said as he chuckled softly and kissing my forehead, "Do you want to?"

"Can I? I don't want this night to end," i stated as I kissed him softly. I get out my phone to text Angel.

Me: Hey can u call my mom and cover for me??? Say im sleepin over urs tonight please?? luv you thx!

I quickly get a reply back.

Angel: Promise me details and I will! Does this have to do with the fact that you and Rider are now together??? Haha luv you too bye!

Luckily Noah couldn't see my phone.

"Ok, let's head to your place."

"Wait," he grabs my phone. He types in a number then gives it back, "For whenever you want to text me." He is so sweet.

We head to his place and its a wonderful, modern two story house. We head inside.

"I'm going to make dinner. You okay with eating steak with mashed potatoes?"


"Oh and here," He throws me a pair of his sweats and t-shirt, "So you can get comfy."

"Thanks." I go to change and his clothes have a scent that just feels welcoming. I walk back in the kitchen and he walks over to me and grabs my lower waist.

"I just realized how incredibly cute you look in my clothes," he sais while chuckling, "Dinner's ready."

We eat and seriously, this is the best food i have ever tasted.

"So where am i sleeping?"

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