Can You Stay After Class? [Student/Teacher Relationship]

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I cannot believe that I, Lila Jones, am going to be a Senior! It's almost as if my freshman years were just yesterday. I just put on my black muscle t-shirt and acid jeans the headed out the door.

" Are you ready sweety?"

" Yea mom, we can go now," As i said while grabbing money for lunch. My mom has been one of the best people in my life but she's been very vulnerable since my dad had abandoned us a year ago but, she's slowly regaining her confidence back.

As i headed through the school doors i automatically spotted my two friends Angel and Becca. Angel sat there on the bench in her girly clothing as usual and Becca was standing tall against a tree in her red skinny jeans and band tee.

" Oh my gosh i haven't seen you in forever," as both of them said and sync while hugging me.

" I miss you too guys!"

"Did you get your schedule yet?"

" Yep. Let's look at them!"

As we compared schedules, I had found out my English period was with both of them and it was the last period of the day. But who was the teacher?

" Guys. I've never heard of this english teacher," I said while putting my schedule away.

" He's new. I heard he was really hot!"

" I highly doubt that," I said as i rolled my eyes.

" Whatever Lila, we have to head to our classes,


After going to all of my classes, it was time for English. Sadly, Becca pulled me in the front row so we can sit with angel. After our teacher walked in the whole room had gone silent with jaws dropped open.

"Good morning class. I am Mr. Rogers and i will be your new teacher for this year."

He's is the hottest guy i have ever seen in my lifetime. All of the guys rolled their eyes and grunted because all the girls were head over heels for him.

"So class, since i am a new teacher here, you guys will be asked different questions one by one. Understood?"

" yes Mr. Rogers," as all the girls said in unison gazing up at him. He probably gets this everywhere. He probably feels acheived of himself. So as we were playing this little "game" of his, I was reading my book in my lap.

"Lila right?" Mr. Rogers said.

"Yea what?"

"Well its your turn." He said while chuckling along with the class.

"Fine. Go ahead." I said as i placed my book on top of my desk.

"Well i see you like to read. What's your favorite book?"

"Well, i guess it would have to be To Kill A Mockingbird."

"Ah a classic! Also my favorite," Then he followed along with questions about pets, hobbies, and such. "Anymore questions?" As i said sarcastically while most of the guys in the class laughed along with me.

"No i guess not. Who's next?"

After going back to my book he flashes me a smirk before walking off to the next student.

"Ok class any questions you want to ask me?" He said as he rubbed his hands together.

"Are you single?"

Seriously the first sentence that the whore at our school, Ashley Romero says out loud.

"Personal but yes i am," he said as he quickly glances at me then looks away. What is his deal? "Anything else?"

"How old are you?" I hear Angel ask proudly.

"I am actually 23 believe it or not."

Holy crap he's young.

Then the bell suddenly rings and i secretly just feel the eyes from him on me as i pack my things and leave.

This is going to be a long year.

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