Chapter 2

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Can You Stay After Class?
Chapter 2

The morning of the next day i simply just put on a grey v-neck and blue jeans then went about my way.

When i first get there i run into good friends of mine Ricky and Rider, The dazzling australian twins of our high school. Ricky was more of a punk-grunge looking type of guy when Rider was more hipster-ish in my opinion.

"Hi love!" Ricky exclaims as he runs up and hugs me.

"Hey girl. How've you been?" Rider sais as he rubs his hand behind his neck and flashes me a smirk. Rider has gotten cuter since Junior year.

"I'm good, thanks guys" I said as i hugged both of them. After catching up we start to see Becca and Angel walk towards us. We all hung out until the bell rang.


Ugh i can't believe my math teacher gave me a B! Like really?! Anyways... I started walking in to english when i notice Mr. Rogers sitting on the edge loking up at me with a smirk. Seriously,what is his deal? I take a seat and notice that becca isnt here.

I whisper over "Hey Angel. Where the hell is Becca?"

Angel leans over giggling "She's too busy sucking faces with Ricky that they both ditched class together. They're so cute together!"

Ricky was perfect for Becca, They love eachother so much that i envy them. Any guy that i've dated has turned into a complete asshole.


I look over to Mr.Rogers, "what?"

"Daydream much?"

"No i wasn't!"

"Really? Tell me, what are we talking about in class?"

"Umm..." Crap i don't know.

"Excactly. Afterschool detention today."

"What! That's no fair!"

"Well maybe you should listen a bit more," He said while grinning and walking back to my desk.

I whispered to Angel, "Dammit now i have to spend afterschool with this guy!"

"Lucky! But don't get too lucky today," Angel said as she winked.

"Are you serious? I practically hate him."

Then suddenly the bell rang and i packed up my things and tried to get out of there.

"Where do you think you're going?"

Crap this is gonna be forever.


Five minutes in and im already bored out of my mind.

"So when exactly is this so called 'detention' going to end?"

"Why? Does miss Lila have somewhere to be?" He said looking up from his desk at me. His blue eyes gazing up at me while he chuckles.

"Not really," I glance at him, "I just kinda don't want to hang around with a teacher all day, especially you."

He walks over at my desk, "Aw c'mon! I can't be that bad in your mind. What's so wrong with me?" He states as he sits on the edge of my desk crossing his arms and smiling. Nothing can beat that smile of his.

"You're very cocky about how your looks can get you past anything and its stupid. It kinda puts you off as a... Whats the word im looking for? Oh yea, self-loved ass." Holy crap i just planted it on the table.

"So i'm good looking?" He said while smirking.

"I never said that."

"But your putting it that way. Admit it Lila, you like me." He smirks and looks down at my desk inching his hand across to my hand. He succeeds and lightly links his fingers inbetween mine.

I state stuttering, "In y-your dreams."

He chuckles and leans in towards my face. Still looking in my eyes, only centimeters away from my face. He leans over and our lips graze against eachother.


"Don't worry. I locked the door," he sais softly as i feel his smile on my lips. I kiss him slowly while i run my hand through his hair and his hand on my back. Then i realize what the hell im doing. I push him away lightly so it only breaks the kiss.

"Uh- I have t-to go," i state as i softly take my hand away from his hair and head for the door.

"Oh Lila. You just want to leave me wanting more," he said while smiling. It leads me to smile as i bite my lip and leave.

What the hell did I just do?

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