I don’t know where im going. Its just that my body move on its own like it knows the way to Sateriajis’s harem. I entered the very core of the dark wood. As I saw a hidden passage down stairs, I entered. S I reach the end of the stairs, I saw a door & I open it.

“A kingdom underground?!” I doubted.

I heard a voices, probably all of the voices are girls voice.

“ is this the Duke harem?!” I questioned myself.

“This is probably Sateriajis’s Lair. I need to act like a victim” as I continued walking.

I saw another door & it suddenly opens.

“Another victim has arrived!” as the Duke exclaimed.

“Youkoso. Kono haremure, utsukushii onna(welcome to my harem, beautiful girl)” he added.

As I let him looked into my face, he was surprised.

“A-Ariai?! *smiles* Finally! My power reached you. Ive had been waiting for you in these past years. Come here close to me” as Sateriajis said.

Then I walk closely to him& he suddenly kiss me on the lips while continuing to act like a victim.

“Venomania Koshaku. Ive been longing to see you *hugs*”

“Good to know my dear. *Hugs back* Will you come to my room? Lets have a long nice chat Aria.” As Sateriajis said.

“Its my honor, Venomania Koshaku.” As I responds.

Even if the voice told me that Sateriajis’s power won’t harm me, but right now, chikara wo kanjiru(I can feel his power) burning inside my body & its hot that I want to remove all of my clothes and again, my body is just moving on its own. I wonder if it is the effect of Sateriajis’s power.

As we headed to his room, the missing Ladies in different kingdoms are staring at me. It seems that they are jealous cause as I heard their murmurings, they said that I'm the first woman that the Duke bought to his room.

And finally, I am we are in his room. He closed the door and locked it.

“Aria, would you grant my selfish wish? Ive been dying to search for you in this past years & I've been dying to know the reason on why you began to stay away from me. Ive been longing for your love & I've been waiting for you in the abyss of despair because you are the only one who can save me from miserable but then that hope is a mere illusions!” Sateriajis exclaimed.

Then he grabs my arms & he roughly throws me on the bed.

“aah ~ itai!” as I whispered.

“ Repent for your sins Aria!” as Sateriajis shouts.

Sateriajis’s words pierces my soul. I felt guilty for staying away from him & this past years that I never repaid his love for me.

“Father how could you made this to us!? Making two lovers yearned for the love of each other! Chichiue no tsumi wa zettai ni yurusenai! (father’s sin is definitely unforgivable!)” as I said to myself.

Sateriajis made his move. He lean me down & kisses my neck while licking it. I don’t hesitate while Sateriajis is doing this to me. Thinking that this is the only thing I can do for him to repent my sin.

He gently removes my clothes. While he was doing all of this, tears starts to fall on my cheeks and I don’t know why. He starts to kiss me while playing with my tongue. My body feels hot just like before. Sateriajis starts to remove his clothes. He move me to his front to kiss my back while he was holding my Chest. My tears continued to flow. He tries to remove my bra by using his mouth and he succeed. When he noticed that im crying because my tears felled down on his hands. He starts to doubt.

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