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James made the sign of the Cross.
"Bless me father for I have sinned. It has been a year since my last confession."

Father Patrick said, "I understand. It is quite alright with the war on. Tell me of any indiscretions you have been involved in."

James moved reluctantly around the dark booth.
"Father, I want to confess that I'm reluctant to go to France. I don't want to have my head blown off."  His voice was strained.

"My son these things are only natural. It is normal to have such trepidation."

"I see some of the other volunteers and they are eager to do their bit. I just feel shame that I want the war to be over. In my stomach there is a deep pit of fear and worry. Is it even right Father to take a life, even that of a German? From what I can see many of them are only young men, and seem just like us."

Father Patrick said,
"From a theological point of view, Saint Augustine has already examined the very thing that your concerned with, which developed into our belief the just war theory in the early 5th century, he was clear that the country's have a right to go to war to help future peace. If you will, to prevent evil that posing a greater threat to peace. Our just war theory provides a set of guidelines that help decision to go to war and how best to conduct war."

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