The old goat

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"Get yer kit off." The tone in his voice had a bluntness to it. He pulled down his work trousers.
She looked over at the washbasin as she lifted up her skirts.
"Oh Jacko, it's massive." She ached having had three customers already that day.
"Turn over."
"It's too big for there. Let's just do it the natural way."
A frown formed on Jacko's face, "I want to get me fivepence worth. An with nine children already, no ten, I forget about Toddy, I don't need anymore."
About to say something, Jacko stopped her.
"Enough talking, I'm not here for the chit-chat."
Resigned she used some oil, turned over and positioned herself on the corner of the stained mattress. For ten minutes she wrinkled her face, as he steadily grunted more and more until it was over. For a few minutes he then lay on the mattress, eyelids closed. After he wiped himself with a grey-looking handkerchief, nodded his head in her direction and left.
The madam came into the room, with a jug of clean water.
"Has 'e gone?"
"Well he's not hiding in the cabinet."
"Now, now young lady, I'll not have any cheek today." She placed the jug beside the wash basin.
Shaking her head the younger woman said, "I'm just tired of all these old goats. It wears you out after a while."
"You'd best freshen up, there's already another goat waiting for yer."

Jacko walked away from the house.

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