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Fight | tommy shelby by MarvelAmy
Fight | tommy shelbyby Amy
Before the war, Tommy and his Childhood sweetheart were the most known couple in 1914, When Tommy had to go to France, he broke up with her, trying to keep her safe, kno...
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YOUNG AND BEAUTIFUL, ᵍʳᵉᵃᵗ ᵍᵃᵗˢᵇʸ by szasdoves
YOUNG AND BEAUTIFUL, ᵍʳᵉᵃᵗ ᵍᵃᵗˢᵇʸby ☆ミ
"Will you still love me when I'm no longer young and beautiful?"
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Gratification [1.0]  by MaeDebris
Gratification [1.0] by MaeDot
"If my legacy is to throw myself in the path of a bullet to save your life, then so be it." -------- Lois Andersson is part of the suffragette movement and pr...
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Devotedly Daisy (Letters From Home Series Book #1) *ON HOLD, RESEARCHING- REWRITING* by Kassilassie
Devotedly Daisy (Letters From Home...by K.C. Goodwin
“You?” both Daisy and Colton said at once- both of them had recognized the other once the saw one another face to face. He cleared his throat and looked at the woman who...
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Masen Twins by FanfictionEmma25
Masen Twinsby Emma Roberts
What if Edward was not an only child? When his twin sisters come to town, trouble is sure to follow! There are good things, bad things and loads of surprising things! Fr...
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MALEFICENT | THOMAS BARROWby beetlejuuuuice!
In which Anastasia and Thomas have a lust for each other that's very noticeable. I DO NOT OWN DOWNTON ABBEY BECAUSE IF I DID THOMAS WOULDN'T BE GAY AND ANASTASIA WOULD A...
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1918 | Bella & Edward by fiftyshadesofbourbon
1918 | Bella & Edwardby Mrs.Grey
"If I met you back then, I would've courted to you. We'd have taken chaperoned strolls, or had iced tea on the porch. I may have stolen a kiss or two. But, only...a...
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Eventually yours (slow updates) by Mrs_Bella_Cullen
Eventually yours (slow updates)by B e l l a
Bella and Edward grow up in the early 1900's until they marry and have a beautiful baby girl named Belle, everything is perfect. Until the dreadful Spanish influenza hit...
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A Father's Son by GJNewcombe
A Father's Sonby GJNewcombe
"He was past the point of loving me. He no longer felt obliged to love me just because I was his father, or just because that was what was expected of him..." ...
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Soldiers  by AnnaHale3
Soldiers by Anna Hale
It was a normal day on Earth 616 Carol Danvers aka Captain Marvel was chilling in a spaceship with Goose a mutant ginger cat when she get a message from Nick Fury sayin...
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A Friendship That Saved Me by ClaraTroltenier1
A Friendship That Saved Meby Clara Romanova-Dawson-DeWitt...
[#456 in Historical Fiction!] "Do not miss me, for our parting cannot last forever." -Anastasia Nikolevna Romanova. Imagine, being killed at 17. Read to find o...
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Life in 1918 by hayleigh_72804
Life in 1918by Hayleigh
Anna's father just got back from the war and he is in a wheelchair. He has to find a job in order to survive. William, Anna's brother just got back from the big city ca...
The Diary of Rebecca Elizabeth London (on hold) by wolfpanda
The Diary of Rebecca Elizabeth Lon...by Alyssa Smeltzer
Rebecca London--a girl of 16--and her family move from London, England, her birthplace, to Florence, Alabama for her father's work. The year is 1917. The problem? Rebecc...
I Was Just A Girl by TaylorRees261
I Was Just A Girlby Taylor Rees
1918, A Royal family, one girl with a family who lived in a country who believed that they were sent from God to rule all of Russia. Until suddenly, their people turned...
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Downton Abbey Quote Book by AnnieMAOL
Downton Abbey Quote Bookby AnnieO'L
I love Downton Abbey, and these are some of my favourite quotes from it.
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One Hundred Years by MikeDempsey4
One Hundred Yearsby Mike Dempsey
Ruminations on the war on the centennial.
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Homage to London 1914 to 1918 by Marabese
Homage to London 1914 to 1918by Marabese
1915 - This true continuing story is based on the men of London, who wanted to do their bit during World War 1 as well as how their choice to serve affects their familie...
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•1918• by c4r0lynee
•1918•by c4r0lynee
Questa non è una storia inventata. Non è una storia già scritta. Questa è una storia vera, che merita di essere scritta e non da tutti vissuta. Questa è la storia di due...