Things We Miss

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Things Girls Do: Things We Miss

1.) When we didn't care about our appearance and what we wore.

2.) When all problems could be solved by rock, papers, scissors.

3.) When "getting high" meant swinging on the playground.

4.) Our worst enemies were our siblings.

5.) The only thing that hurt us were skinned knees.

6.) Our dad's shoulders were the highest place in the world.

7.) Wearing a skirt didn't make us a slut.

8.) When fights were for fun and we had water in guns.

9.) Goodbyes only meant until tomorrow.

10.) Wanting to grow up so fast.


"It would be nice to start over again, before we were men. I'd give. I'd bend. Let's play pretend." - Lights

Comment down below which number you can relate to the most and why. Don't be afraid to add anything that might be missing up there! :')

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