Things We Say

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Things Girls Do: Things Girls Say

1.) *Accidentally cuts hand* "Ouch, that hurt." *Steps on a Lego barefoot* "ARGH, HELP! I'VE BEEN SHOT. MAN DOWN! MAN FUCK*NG DOWN!"

2.) We ask our parents a simple, "yes," or "no," question and end up getting a lecture.

3. "Mom and dad, wanna hear a joke?" *still getting yelled at after a fifteen minute lecture.*

4.) "WHO THE F-- TOOK MY STUFF -- oh, there it is."

5.) Friend: Hey, I love you! "Awe, then we have something in common!" Friend: We both love eachother? "No. . . that we both love me!"

6.) Friend: K. "Yeah, get back to me when you learn the rest of the alphabet."

7.) "WE COULD HAVE HAD IT ALL-- oh, hey mom. You're back seemingly early."

8.) ". . .Long story." It's not a long story, it's just a short-story that I don't want to tell you.

9.) *points at the person your friend hates* "Look, it's your best friend."

10.) "11:11 make a wish!"


Comment down below which number you can relate to the most and why! :^D

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