Barely Alive

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When I awoke in the morning after the surgery I was achy and cramped. Stitches covered my body like a blanket. I lifted my stitched arm slowly as a moaned in pain. I felt my stitched up forehead, no longer covered with blood. Those doctors sure clean up nicely, I thought to myself. Deep in thought, i hadn't noticed when a nurse in a plaid suit walked in and started wheeling me quickly. I stared intently at the blurred walls on the way to wherever she was taking me. They put me in the big metal machine and I cried out for help. No one could hear my pleads. I pressed the walls, searching for any way out.

"She's delusional, bear with her. And turn on that CAT scan," I heard a nurse murmur, almost incomprehensibly. I let out a heavy sigh and let my arms fall, knowing there was no way out. The machine started whirring and spinning around me. I got a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach.  

"Help?" I winced, almost in a whisper. The machine kept whirring. I lay back with my eyes closed and my head aching from the noise.  

As if God was answering my prayers to get out of the contraption, I was slid out I sighed a deep sigh to get some fresh air into my body. I felt dizzy and needed to get back to my room.Hot tears rolled down my cold, pale cheeks, almost soothing them. A big, fat nurse shushed me. I shut up immediately, knowing that she could give me anesthesia, and the fact that she was huge and muscular didn't help my case. The nurse wheeled my portable bed out of the x-ray room dazed and confused, I cried out, not knowing where we were going.

"NO!" I screamed out randomly. The nurse paused. She kept wheeling me.  

"W-What? Where are we going?" I said, shaken up.  

"You're room," the nurse said monotonous, not wanting me to go into hysterics again.  

"B-But... When can I leave? Soon? P-Please?" I said panic-stricken.  

"Soon dear, soon. Maybe about a week. Everything is going to my fine, dear," she said soothingly. I relaxed a little. I still wasn't satisfied though. I didn't have the guts to ask any more questions though. The nurse was starting to look a little annoyed. I really didn't want that.

We got to my dull, white room in a matter of seconds. The nurse turned on the television and left me alone. She didn't even have the common courtesy to give me the damn remote. She left on a Japanese soap opera. I closed my eyes, not wanting to listen to the people on the television blabber on aimlessly. I was half asleep when I heard a disturbing rap on the door. I moaned as the woman came in. It was my mother again. She walked in and went to hug me, careful not to sit on my broken leg that was splinted.

"My Grace... I'm so sorry," she said sadly. I could tell that she was trying not to cry. I also knew that I had to try and comfort her.  

"Mommy, I missed you. I'm okay. I can come home in about a week. No concussions," I said, trying to calm my sad mother.  

"We have to try and find that murderer. He knows where we live, Gracie," My mom said, stressed now. She ruffled my dark brown hair, careful not to touch my throbbing forehead. That did no good though. Next thing I knew, she was kissing my forehead. I squealed as a stitch got stuck in her lip. She got the stitch out of her lip and apologized. She told me she loved me, and she walked out, tears in eyes. She shut the door, and I heard sobbing coming from the other side of it. I sighed and closed my eyes once again, this time succeeding in going to sleep.

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