Stan x reader~ Dollhouse ((EDITED))

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~Warning swearing and bad spelling, ok so this story is a songfic! The song is Dollhouse by Melanie Martinez i personally love Melanie, i wont be putting the lyrics in the story you would just have to listen to it will reading, enjoy!!
All rights of song goes to Melanie martinez!!

~Your POV~

My life is a big lie, everyone thinks I have the perfect life when in reality I don't... my father is a hard working businessmen but he is also a cheater... my mum is a caring housewife but is also a depressed alcoholic... my brother is a college student but also a drug dealer and also have a drug addiction... and me in a perfect high school A+ student, popular beautiful girl but also a liar with stained cry marks under my makeup...

Today I was walking into the kitchen, the smell of alcohol burnt my nose as I saw my mom passed out on the table, I sigh and looked around for my dad but he was nowhere in sight as usual. I went to my brother's room, the smell of smoke escaped from the gaps in the door, I turn around and went back to the kitchen.

I look out the window and saw the curtains were broken, I walked to the basement and got some new ones. After replacing the curtains, I got ready for school.

I looked at myself in the mirror and liked what I saw, I wore a black tank top with camo short shorts with chains on them, I wore my high top converses and I wore my grandfather's dog tags from the army.

The reason why I didn't wear my pink dress and makeup today is because I'm going to show everyone who is really em.

I walked to school today when I walked through the doors everyone stopped, I walked to my locker and my boyfriend Stan was waiting for me. He looked shocked with my outfit "Hey babe, what's with the clothes"

"I'm sick of being a liar... so do you want to come to my house?" Stan's face was shocked, I never invited anyone to my house, everyone says it's perfect like not a speck of dust but I'm not allowed because of... yeah.

I and Stan ditched school and went to my house, "are you sure babe" he said holding my hand, I nodded and opened the door, I look at Stan and he was in pure shock.

I started to walk in while pushing Stan in, I saw my mom passed out on the couch with bottles of alcohol everywhere, I keep walking and went to the basement, "Hello brother, what's cooking?"

My brother looked at me and said "Blue ice" I nodded and walked upstairs to my room.

"Whats with the morning?" He asked

"My dad..." I said

"but your mom is downstairs" I looked down feeling tears run down my face, Stan walked up to me and grabbed my chin kissing me.

We pulled away, he pulled me into his chest and I cried into his chest. After hugging, "see if the family isn't perfect like everyone says we are and I'm not a doll" I said still with tears running down my face.

"Babe I don't care if your not a doll or have a perfect family with will be between us," he said holding my hands. "Hey girl, open the walls play with your dolls" stan sung, I hit him in the arm playfully.

"Everyone thinks we are perfect.......FUCK YOU STAN YOU GOT THAT SONG STUCK IN MY HEAD!" I yelled at Stan.

~Sorry if it sux~

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