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- ? POV

I felt myself fall from the sky. It was dark like an abyss. As I went went towards something, it started to become a bit brighter. When I got closer to the light, I saw a whole new world. The world had a bunch of green, brown and blue.

When I turned myself over, I saw a bunch of shinning stars bright in the sky. I put my arm up at the sky. The palm of my hand was facing the stars. My hand try's to grabbed the stars in the sky but for some reason my hand couldn't reach it. Why can't I grab it... I thought. The sky continue to get larger. Before I new it, I hit the ground. The blanket I was wearing was on the floor.

I look around to see where I was at. There was a group of bamboo shoots around me. After a few minutes a group of men in foreign clothing surround me. They made a small opening for someone.

A man with his hair up on both sides wearing a golden head band, approaches me. He has a light purple shirt with a yin necklace (A/N: Look up Tenji... can't describe him well...😅). The man moves his hand out. The man started to talk but I couldn't hear his voice.

~End memory~

The dream started to fade away. I felt groggy with sleep and I rubbed my eyes. "Wake up! You're going to make us late!" A girly voice yelled. I opened my eyes. I sat up to see a girl with brown hair wearing a blue shirt and jeans.

"I'm coming... just hold on..." I said. I blink a few times. She raised her eye brow. I got up and kicked her out the room. "Stupid dream..." I mumbled. I quickly got ready and ran out the room to go down stairs.

"Your finally up!" A lady's voice said. I ignored her and say down. "Aaaawww.... Don't be like that to me." I took a bite out of my toast.

"You're going to be late." I said with my mouth full. The lady looks at the kitchen clock. She grabbed a few thing and came over to us.

"Behave." She said. She kissed both of us on the head. "See ya!" She ran out of the house.

"I see that you're like your mother." The girl giggled. I finished my toast and went to brush my teeth. "Hurry up of you don't want to me late Kayla!" I finish up, grabbed my things and met the girl at the door.

"Do you always have rush me?" I growled in annoyance.

"Not my fault!" She said as she runs away with her backpack trailing behind her.

"Rin!" I yelled. I locked the door and ran after her. It took us a few minutes to get to school. "I hate you right now..." Rin smiled at me.

"No you don't. You know you love me~!" I ignored her comment and continued to walk to school.

~time skip~

As the day went went by, school finished quickly. That night, Rin decided to stay over. "Can we please watch Naruto! I need to catch up on it!" I gave her an irritated look.

"You owe me." I said with a smirk. You're lucky that I do watch Naruto... I just haven't told you. But at least I get to catch up. I thought to myself. Rin and I went into the kitchen and grabbed popcorn, chips and sodas. After that we set up the TV for Naruto. Let the fun begin...

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