Another Memory

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- Kayla POV

As the Six Paths talked more about her and her "sin", I was starting to get angry for some reason. Rin noticed that was getting upset. She paused the show. "I'm going the bathroom." I said, hiding my anger. "Continue without me."

"Okay..." Rin said. Instead of going to the bathroom, I went to my room. I herd the Six Paths talk about his sons and comparing them to Naruto and Sasuke. I looked around my room. There was a window across my door and next it was a lamp and a large bed with blue/white sheets. There were different drawings of the sign that was on the back of the old man. I jumped on my bed, facing the bed. Why does my heart hurt so much... I thought. I felt my eyes get heavy and droopy.


That man that same man appeared in front of me but this time I was able to hear what he said. "Come with me... I'll give you have place to stay." I got up and went with him to a small village. We arrived in front of a nice palace.

"Tenji-sama..." Some voices said. People started to come out. They all bowed. "Welcome back..." The man got off his horse and helped me off. He looks at me.

"You never told me your name..." the man known as Tenji said. I started quiet for a few moments before I could say it.

"Otsutsuki Kaguya." My mouth moved on it's own. W-What!? That's impossible! I thought. Tenji gave me his hand and I took it. He led me to the servants. "This is Aino. She will be your personal maid." I nod my head.

"Kaguya-sama... let me show you to your room." Aino said. She showed me to my room. "Please call me if you need anything..."

The past few night I would go outside and watch the moon. My main purpose of being here was to help create peace, but in the end I was there to watch. Until one day, that all changed.

"Kaguya... please go with Aino..." Tenji said, pushing leading to a group of his men. "Its the only way for you to be safe. I promise, I will come get you." I looked at him with a caring expression. With the time spent with him, I fell in love with him.

"Very well." I said. "Be careful." Aino and I left to a secret hideout. I kept waiting for Tenji to come and take me back.

Night came by quickly. I wasn't able to sleep, so I stayed up looking at the moon. A view minutes in, I heard a group of men. They killed of Tenji's men. Aino runs to me.

"My Lady... we need to go." Aino said. She grabbed my hand and pulls me towards the front of the house(?). When we made it, a group of men were waiting for me.

"So you're the lady that master wants... come with us." The leader said. I narrowed my eyes at him. "If not, we will use force." Aino tugged at my sleeve.

"I refuse." I said. The men got annoyed at me.

"Take her..." the leader said. When some of the henchman for closer to me, they started to act weird. Their body's moved live they were dancing. After a few moments their heads exploded. Blood went everywhere. Some even landed on my face.

"W-What are you!?" The leader yelled. "Y-You're some type of monster!" He rode away on his horse.

"K-Kaguya-sama!" Aino said. I grabbed her hand and started to run away with her. We continued to run, but as we got closer to the Divine Tree, arrows were being shot at us. I started to slow down. As I did, one of the arrows came towards me. Aino moved to cover me. "Kaguya-sama....please tell Tenji-sama." She said. Aino closes her eyes as she falls over. I cought her and put her down. I continued to run towards the tree. I felt my eyes watering, but I quickly whipped them.

When I arrived at the tree, I grabbed the fruit and ate it. A lot of power went through my body. Everything started to change. "Infinite Tsukuyomi!" I yelled. All of the men stopped. A bright light appealed and the tree itself moved it's root and consumed the men. When it was over, everything was normal again....somewhat...

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